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Widow wakes up to find her cows hacked in very mysterious way.

Residents of Ngutu village in Mathioya constituency on Sunday woke up to a very inhumane and bizarre incident after they found three cows belonging to a widow brutally hacked with a knife and left for the dead.

The three cows, amongst them a calf, had their abdomens pierced with a knife, with the calf’s intestines dangling outside the skin.

While narrating of her ordeal, Susan Mugoiri explained how she woke up in the morning and warmed some water to go and milk her cows only to find the cows lying on their sides and writhing in pain. Upon examining them, discovered of their injuries, some of which were life threatening.

She is now a worried woman as she does not know the real intention of the assailants adding that she had no grudge with anybody in the village thus wondered why anyone could have perpetrated the heinous act.

Eliud Karobia who is a neighbour pointed out that such cases were on the increase in the area and called on the authorities to apprehend the culprits.

Area Chief Freshia Njeri condemned the incident terming it as evil as the perpetrators seemed not interested in the cows’ meat but were only interested to cause pain and destruction. She warned them that God’s wrath would be upon them as the Almighty was the defender of the meek.

Gitugi Ward MCA Samuel Kihurunjo lamented that insecurity had escalated and appealed to the authorities to staff Ngutu AP Post which had been left unstaffed since it was completed.

“If they will not have deployed police officers within the next one week, I am going to mobilise the entire village as we have the right to be protected,” said Kihurunjo.

Meanwhile, sources who spoke in anonymity claim that the matter was as a result of a relationship gone sour. They alleged that victim Susan had a love affair with a certain man who bought her the cows but after getting them, she abandoned for another man.

They suspected that this could be a form of revenge for being rejected.

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