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Woman, daughter accused of attacking husband with cutter.

Kioko Mutiso in hospital after he was attacked by his wife and daughter on Saturday following a domestic quarrel.
Makongeni Police on Friday arrested a 50-year-old woman in connection with an attack on her 70-year old husband in Gachagi Slums Thika West Sub-County.

The woman and her daughter are said to have attacked her husband and stabbed him on the head severally, injuring him seriously.

The old man, Kioko Mutiso Mutune was rushed to the nearby Umma University Hospital with head injuries where he was admitted for some deep cuts.

“We found him bleeding profusely and lying on the ground after the attack. He was in real danger. That’s all I can say. So we had to rush him to hospital where his injuries were treated before being discharged last evening,” explained the area Assistant Chief Josephat Waithaka Kamau.

Kamau says that the fight was as a result of what the wife described as negligence.

“The wife is accusing him of not providing for the family even though he always comes home drunk.”

He however said that even though the man might have erred, the action taken by the wife and her daughter was extreme and uncalled for.
Umoja Assistant Chief Josephat Waithaka Kamau pictured with the victim before and after he was taken to the hospital.

The administrator is appealing to well-wishers to help raise sh. 6,000 already incurred by the victim which could rise with time.

He also appealed to spouses to solve their domestic misunderstanding amicably otherwise he advised them to separate if things got out of hand instead of taking the law unto their own hands.

The police are investigating the incident and will to press charges against his wife once they gather enough evidence.

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