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Meet Elljoy Karimi Munyua the reigning Miss Thika Town.

Elljoy Karimi Munyua is the reigning Miss Thika Town 2017-2018

Elljoy Karimi Munyua is the reigning Miss Thika Town 2017-2018, the career hotelier works at Coconut Grill Hotel as a receptionist, and is an alumni of CEDAT Training Institute. 

The soft spoken beauty queen has participated in various beauty pageants without success; however through the Mr/Miss Thika Beauty Pageant held in July 2017 she was crowned as Miss Thika Town. She would like to encourage the youth of Thika to take it upon themselves to make sure that they get out of their comfort zone and reach out to people who can mentor them towards their personal growth, they should shun the common peer mentality of “Hakuna Kazi” and work towards personal growth, if they want to change their lives.

1.Were you born in Thika? No I was born and raised in Meru Town I came to Thika in pursuit of education and landed a job in one of the leading hotels.

2.Would you say Thika Town people support Fashion and Modelling? Yes because there is some sense of growth in Thika when it comes to fashion, as compared to Meru Town, this has helped me advance in my fashion career.

3.Tell us about your journey as a female model I have always had a nudge for fashion growing up I had newspapers cut outs of International celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, in my exercise book which would be stacked somewhere in my room where during my free time I would admire their style of dressing, and wish one day I will get there.  I have participated in close to six beauty pageants without success, I never gave up and thanks to Ruth Opanga CEO Vintage Models who mentored me I was crowned as Miss Thika Town in July 2017.
This title will help me to champion for various agendas that our agency Vintage Modelling Company has identified; some of them shape various core values that affect humanity, we will be working hand in hand with different stakeholders to implement certain projects that we have already mapped within Thika Town.

4.What are the major challenges you face as a female model? The major challenge is right now especially among young ladies is that there are so many event organizers and modelling agencies out there who are using auditions and beauty pageants to take advantage of the naivety and youthfulness of some of the models some are bold enough to seek for sexual favours, this is hurting the industry even creating a negative perception among many people to the extent that modelling   and fashion are being looked down upon as careers.

5.Given a chance to change a few things in the industry especially in Thika what would you do? I would first of all urge various stakeholders in this industry especially in Thika to work together, towards the growth of fashion and modelling, it is an industry that can and has created employment opportunities to many people, it would be so wonderful if key players in Thika would be willing to go that extra mile.

6.Whom to you look up to in the fashion industry? Famous Desperate House Wives star  Eva Longoria is one of my role models, she has endured a lot of hard times in her career, the fact that she has also set some time aside to run a charity project shows that she had a big heart which inspires me to emulate.

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