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Meet Bakari Mohammed the reigning Mr Thika 2017/2018.

                       Mr Thika Town Bakari Mohammed during a photo shoot.

Bakari Mohammed is the newly crowned Mr Thika 2017/2018, the outgoing Mr Thika Institute of Business Studies  2016/2017 and Mr Talent Compe Tana River County 2017/2018. The final year Diploma in ICT student at Thika Institute of Business Studies is an ardent football lover and when not engaged in any fashion and modelling gigs you can catch him dribbling and juggling away at a football pitch near you. 

1.Were you born and raised in Thika? Nope I was born in Tana River County, and moved to Thika where I was enrolled for my primary school studies at the 10th Engineers Thika Barracks Primary School, after which I was admitted to Nanyuki Garisson Secondary School for my “O Levels” and final came back to Thika to pursue my College studies. I have fond memories of Thika Town growing up some estates such as Kivulini Estate were still under construction there were huge thickets near Landless Estate, also there was this horrible stench that used to rent the air every morning due to the proximity of Thika Leather Industries not forgetting “Dufu Mpararo” at Chania River and going for adventures in the vast Del Monte Pineapple Co and playing “Ka-longo-Longo” with child hood peers.

2.You hold three fashion related titles; this not a mean fete how do you juggle all this?  I’d say that this is a blessing in disguise it is more of triple dividend, for me I have worked hard to ensure that these opportunities are well utilised, I try to my level best to balance the three though they are somewhat interlinked, the duties and responsibilities’ slightly vary, to the extent that I have earned the title jack of all trades and a slave to none among my peers, because I believe in giving back to the society.

3.Why Fashion and Modelling? I believe that fashion is an avenue of expressing yourself, it could be through how one is clad, but this is not enough, for me I took up fashion because I wanted people to start changing their mind set, and look beyond someone’s attire, let the actions taken by that individual inspire somebody towards a certain change of attitude not entirely about how one clads.

4.What projects are you working on at the moment? As Mr Thika together with our modelling agency we are currently involved in various social projects with the collaboration of other like-minded institutions such as Kenya Red Cross-Thika Branch, The Susan Gitau Counselling Foundation, we recently joined hands with the above stakeholders to sensitize Thika residents on the importance of adhering to the ban imposed by the state against the use of plastic bags, also the Blood Donation drive organised by Kenya Red Cross- Thika Branch and Thika Peace Clean Up exercise among other projects.

5. Do Thika people support what you do? Not all people support Fashion and Modelling per se but some have begun appreciating  fashion, they turn up for certain events and lend us their ears whenever we approach them for partnership and sponsorships.

Find Bakari on Face Book : Bakari-Beckah The Model

                           Instagram : BakariMohammed

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