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MCA explains why educational background should be key in electing leaders in August.

Kikuyu MCA Binary Wainaina expressing his joy upon attaining 2nd Class Honours, Upper Division in Public Administration and Governance at the 12th MKU graduation ceremony where he stressed the need for the electorate to prioritise educational levels as an important aspect of leadership.   
Kikuyu MCA Binary Wainaina has underscored the importance of education in political leadership saying that it was very hard to isolate education as a variable in modern day politics.

Speaking at the Mount Kenya University (MKU) Graduation Arena after attaining 2nd Class Honours, Upper Division in Public Administration and Governance, Wainaina reckoned that well-educated leaders made better decisions, both professionally and personally as opposed to less-educated ones whose leadership resulted in less effective policy decisions.

“At the heart of any effective government are leaders who develop and manage programmes and initiatives that shape the people’s lives. The course I have undergone is critical in creating essential policies that Kiambu County needs and will help me, as a leader, to evaluate their success and ensure citizens' needs are being met,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina, who was among ten Kiambu MCAs who graduated in various fields during the 12th MKU graduation, promised the people of Kikuyu Ward and Kiambu County some bright future ahead.

“Higher accumulation of human capital produces positive effects both on individual economic prospects and on aggregate variables. Intellectual knowledge is key in presiding over economic growth. To some extent, it will give us some distinct advantage in being able to develop logical arguments, assemble and assess evidence and make public presentations both in the county assembly and in the public arena,” argued the Kikuyu MCA.

He added that it was prudent for the Kenyan electorate to vote in people with a certain level of education for in the current political dispensation, it was quite a tall order for illiterate or semi-illiterate leaders to effectively carry out their mandate.

“Voting in illiterate leaders simply jeopardises the development of our region. In the current political dispensation, the MCA has a very vital role in the development of this country. Devolution wired so much responsibilities to the county assemblies in ensuring the common mwananchi accessed developments and other vital services at the grassroots. This enormous responsibilities entails people with the right education background and great vision,” he explained.

He reckoned that it would be great disservice to ‘Wanjiku’ to have a leader who could not be in a position to effectively play the role of legislation and oversight as this will drag the county behind in terms of developments.

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