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Faithful celebrate woman’s “resurrection” after being prayed for by Prophet Owuor.

The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Church faithful walking along Kenyatta Highway Thika proclaiming the resurrection of Mama Rosa who rose from the dead after  prayers from Prophet Owuor.
There was drama in Thika Town on Sunday as faithful of Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Church trooped to the streets to celebrate the ‘resurrection’ of Mama Rosa Rotirakori, a woman from Cheparten Village in Pokot South Sub-County who rose from the dead on 22th June 2017 after being prayed for by controversial Prophet David Owuor.

Tens of worshippers marched across town singing and praising God for using Prophet Owuor to manifest His powers and reveal to the people that there is God in Heaven.

“We are announcing to the people of Thika that Jehovah God in Heaven has resurrected Mama Rosa who had already died. This is the same God who resurrected Lazarus,” said James Gichuru, the Thika Bishop.

“When she died, her husband, Samson Rotirakori, called Prophet Owuor to inform him of the sad news but instead, the prophet of our Lord replied, ‘It is well!’ Immediately after uttering those words, the woman rose from the dead,” he added.

He said that this was clear revelation that the God of the living was here to even raise the dead. He also paraded two men who he claimed were cured of insanity after prayer sessions with Prophet Owuor.

“I hereby declare here today that Thika can no longer afford to sleep! If God has resurrected the dead and he has healed Pius Ng’ang’a Murage from 31 years insanity, what other evidence are waiting for? We are here today to tell you that Christ is coming for his church,” he exclaimed.

Mama Rosa (centre) and her husband Samson Rotirakori during the thanksgiving ceremony organised to celebrate her resurrection. 
Ng’ang’a is said to be a neighbour to President Uhuru Kenyatta at their rural home in Gatundu. He is alleged to have spent his days retrieving human skulls and bones from graves before he was healed at one of Prophet Owuor’s prayer meetings in Nakuru.

He declared doom to all false prophets who he warned of the wrath of God soon.

“The message we are spreading today is that of repentance and asking everyone to prepare the way for the coming of our Lord. God has sent His disciple Prophet Owuor to prepare the way and cleanse His people. Those who ask for money to do the work of God are false prophets and their day of reckoning is near,” he said.

He promised that they would prepare a thanksgiving ceremony for Mama Rosa where all those doubting this gospel can physically meet her and interact with her.

Mama Rosa was said to have died at around 1am. However, it is claimed that she came back to life after two hours following the intervention of Prophet Owuor.

Word went round quickly about the ‘miracle’ and by the following morning, hundreds of people and a long convoy of vehicles was headed to the remote village.

Her husband said he believed that his wife had died for about two hours, and that she regained life after he sought prayers from the prophet.

“My wife fell very sick on Wednesday. She became very weak and collapsed,” he said during the thanksgiving ceremony.

“By midnight, her situation had worsened and she was unable to walk and experienced a lot of difficulty in breathing. I called a senior pastor asking him to request a prayer from Prophet Owuor and immediately after the phone call, Rosa stopped breathing and stretched out her hands and legs.”

Mr. Rotirakori said at 12:51am, he received a text message from Prophet Owuor saying “it is well.” He said two hours later, Rosa suddenly began coughing and sneezing, then asked “who has brought me back.”

Her daughter, Irvine Chesang, said immediately her mother stopped breathing, she screamed alerting their neighbours who rushed to see what was happening.

Dr. Zachary Kasepoi, a senior deputy director of medical services, who is also a presiding bishop in West Pokot said there is nowhere in the world doctors could bring back to life a dead body but he also believes Prophet Owuor raised mama Rosa from dead..

Speaking to the press, after the thanksgiving ceremony, Mama Rosa said she believed she died and resurrected. 

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