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Clergy blame election vitriol on politicians as Mrs. Ruto leads calls for peace in Kenya.

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachael Ruto leads the clergy in prayers outside the Thika Level 5 Hospital on her way to Thika Technical Institute where they prayed for peace in the country.
Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachael Ruto yesterday called on all Kenyans to unite and pray for peace during this electioneering period.

Speaking during a prayer rally organised by Kiambu Pastors Fellowship at the Thika Technical Training Institute playground, Rachel promised to take a message of peace to all the counties.

“I pray for peace in this country during the campaigns, the elections and after the elections. I urge all of us to embrace our unique diversity and use it to promote peace and prosperity for this nation,” she said.

She used the opportunity to also pray for couples who were childless and families which were undergoing diverse challenges in life.

The clergy used the forum to urging leaders to desist from inciting Kenyans during the campaigns so that Kenya could enjoy peace before and after the General Election. They warned that they would not sit down and see the country plunge into chaos due to political intolerance by some leaders.

“The church has a pivotal role of ensuring leaders elected are accountable to the people for smooth running of the nation. You politicians must accept the verdict of the people. Do not vent your anger on the electorate by charging them against each other if you are defeated!” warned Bishop Dr. Henry Zakayo Mulandi of the Christian Church International (CCI), Thika.

He wondered where politicians, who are also part of the church, learnt the evil words they used against each other in their gatherings.

“Where did you learn to speak those unkind words? Definitely not in church! We curse any money used to cause chaos. We curse anyone who incites violence in Jesus name. May they not have peace and may it strike even their own generations,” rebuked Bishop Mulandi.

Bishop Dr. Moses Mbugua warned Kenyans to wary about the fact that if they destroyed their own country, they would not have anywhere else to run to.

“We are here to destroy the evil alters that are bent to destroying this nation. We here to destroy the evil pattern in this country that happens at every elections time. We declare never again because God has no place here if we allow evil alters to reign in this nation,” said Bishop Mbugua.

The chairman Kiambu Pastors Fellowship Dr. Bishop Kennedy Mbatia rebuked the spirit of hatred and animosity against people of this nation. He added that they had dedicated the prayers to all leaders seeking elective leadership so that they could be guided by the Holy Spirit to unite the people of Kenya and preach peace regardless of the elections outcome.

Rev. Sammy Thuo of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya acknowledged the church’s role in peace building. However, he castigated politicians who took advantage of the plight of poor Kenyans to manipulate them into committing acts of violence in pursuit of elective leadership.

“We will not allow any leader to ride on the blood of innocent people in the search of political leadership. God has heard our prayers and whoever will shed blood in Kenya will pay dearly. Every electorate knows who they want to vote for and leaders should respect this right and allow Kenyans to freely vote for their leaders of choice,” said Rev. Thuo.

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