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Poll - “Jungle” poised to easily win the Thika seat.

Thika MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a and Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle who are facing off for the Thika seat in August.
Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle would easily beat incumbent Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a if the general elections were held today, according to the results of the latest poll conducted by Thika Town Today team.

The outcome of the poll, which surveyed 903 registered voters across the constituency (both online and offline), showed that Eng. Wainaina would garner 67% votes compared to the MP’s 33%.  

The public opinion survey conducted between May 21st and June 11th 2017 missed the name of the third candidate in the race, George Muritu Gathecha, as it commenced before he had made it public that he was in the race.

In the online poll conducted via a US firm Straw Poll that got worldwide acclaim, where one cannot vote twice or for more than one candidate in this poll using the same device as it automatically records ones IP address.

Here, Wainaina garnered 72.8% of the 478 votes cast with Alice garnering 27.2% of the votes.

A screenshot of the online opinion poll results. 
Out of the 425 people who participated in the offline (physical) poll, 62% of them expressed confidence in Wainaina with 38% expressing their wish to have Alice Ng’ang’a re-elected for a second term in office.

Wainaina strongest voter base lies with the male gender and the youth. 194 of the males surveyed preferred voting for Wainaina compared to 70 females.

Hon. Alice was a women’s favourite with majority of those above 30 years going for her candidature. Among those interviewed, 100 women preferred Alice compared to only 61 men.

Majority of those who preferred the sitting MP credited her for her role in ensuring that needy students benefitted from school bursaries and also sighted her as a development conscious leader with so many projects done under her CDF kitty. There were also those who preferred her for her firebrand politics with a few saying that they would vote for her because she was the Jubilee candidate and because of gender parity.

Those who were against her candidature accused her of being arrogant and not easily accessible. They also said that she had deserted the constituents only to resurface whenever there was a crisis or to fight Kiambu Governor William Kabogo. She was also accused of fighting projects initiated by her opponents through her influence with the authorities.

Wainaina got majority of support from people who considered him development conscious and felt that he was best placed to create jobs to the unemployed youth in the constituency. There were those who thought him to be very free with the people and accessible. Then there were those who said that he was robbed off his victory in the Jubilee Party nominations.

Some of those who supported Wainaina said that they were tired of explosive politics and all Thika needed was a leader who would cool down the tempo and initiate development projects that were beneficial to the mwananchi.

However, there were those who poked holes on his companies saying that he needed to pay them more. Another school of thought suggested that he was too green in politics and needed to try at least one more time before they could accept his candidature. Others feared that he might be swept away by the Jubilee storm especially if President Uhuru Kenyatta came personally to campaign for Hon. Alice Ng’ang’a.

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