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Middle-aged man injured in latest Thika political violence.

LEFT: 25-year old William Mukaria in his hospital bed on Wednesday when he narrated his ordeal in the hands of political goons. On the right is a photo he claims was taken by a friend outside his miraa base after the attack on Monday.
A middle-aged man is nursing chest injuries at a Thika hospital after he was allegedly attacked by a group believe to be political goons.

25-year old William Mukaria claim that he was waylaid while in his ‘kibanda’ located in Madaraka Market, Makongeni on Monday, just several hours after the district security team held some peace meeting with candidates to fight political violence in the sub-county.

He allege that all his attackers were people very well known to him as they all  trade in the same market adding that the bone of contention was that he happened to support a different candidate in the Thika Parliamentary seat from the one supported by his attackers.

He alleged that his assailants accused him of earlier insulting some women in the market who are staunch supporters of his opponent.

“As I was seated inside my stall, he came to me and started to mock me about the Madaraka road that has been in dispute between Alice and Jungle. But before long his friends came and started beating me up, injuring me in the process,” he said.

Mukaria claims that he lost some money and his smartphone smashed in the melee. He claims that he was lucky that his cries for help attracted many onlookers, forcing his attackers to abandon their mission, which according to him was to maim him or worse still kill him.

He later reported the matter to Makongeni Police Station under OB No. 33/11/6/17 and later went to hospital where he was admitted.

The sheet of paper showing proof that he reported the matter to the Makongeni police.

He now appealing to the security agents to take action against the perpetrators and accord him with security as he feels that his life is in danger. He is also calling for political tolerance in the remaining few days to the General Elections as it was never possible that everyone will support the same candidate.

“It is rather impossible for everyone support the same candidate in an election. I just urge people to respect other people’s choices and wait for the will of the people on Election Day. In the end, we will still be here doing our hustles as usual even when all this is over,” said Mukaria.

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