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Police gun down three suspected gangsters.

The lifeless body of one of the suspected gangsters who were gunned down by the police yesterday in Ruiru.
Three suspects were gunned down by the police in Ruiru on Thursday evening while another suspect escaped with injuries after a fierce exchange of fire.

The suspects are believed to have been on their way to execute a robbery before the police intercepted them after some tipoff from the members of public.

According to Ruiru OCPD Isaac Thuranira, the suspects were driving towards Thika at around 4pm in a Honda airwave saloon car registration number KBZ 075V.

Upon reaching Kihunguro area in Ruiru, they realised that they were being trailed and immediately diverted towards Kihunguro centre.

Thuranira said that when the police challenged the armed men to stop, they drew their pistol and started shooting at the police officers.

In the ensuing shootout, 3 gangsters were felled while the forth one escaped into the nearby Kihunguro slums

Police were have since recovered a Cesar pistol, a magazine loaded with 10 - 9mm bullets, a bullet proof vest, car ignition keys and an empty 9mm cartridge.

The bodies of the deceased have since been moved to city mortuary with the police still searching for the suspect who escaped.

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