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Don’t advocate for 6-piece voting, affiliate candidates plead with Uhuru.

Juja parliamentary candidate on a PNU ticket Mr. Lucas Mwaura and his counterpart in the Farmers Party Mr. George Koimburi speaking to the press on Friday after attending an IEBC campaign harmonisation meeting in Juja Town. 
Independents and candidates vying various seat in other political parties save from Jubilee Party have reiterated their support for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta but stressed that his scheduled visit to Kiambu County tomorrow (Sunday 18th June 2017) should not be used to arm-twist the people to vote for Jubilee Party candidates only.

Led by the Juja parliamentary candidate on a Farmers Party Mr. George Koimburi and his counterpart in the PNU party Mr. Lucas Mwaura, the leaders asked the President and his Deputy William Ruto to only ask for their votes but allow their supporters to decide the rest of the leaders.

The leaders argued that the calls for the people to vote 6-piece were unwarranted, maintaining that it was in the interest of democracy to allow the people to decide the best leaders to champion their interests devoid of which Party they came from.

“We are all in support of the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto but we don’t want to be told about voting for parties. Let the Wanjiku decide who will be their leaders come August. Politics is about numbers and we want to make all our votes and those of our supporters count in the support of President Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Mwaura.

Mwaura urged the people of Juja to ignore propagandists in Jubilee Party who wanted to paint the rest of the candidates as people in the Opposition. He added that he was driven into politics by the urge to make Juja great and to move them in same pace with the VISION 2030 programme.

He accused the current area MP Francis Munyua alia Wakapee of using state machinery in his campaigns and intimidating his rivals.

On his part, Koimburi reckoned that the Jubilee primaries were not representative of the will of the people of Juja, terming the process as shambolic. He therefore appealed to the president to keep mum on grassroots politics as majority of the people were unhappy about what transpired during the nominations.

“We all love our president and we are all behind him. However, we humbly plead with him to refrain from affiliating himself with any candidate. We are all his children and we plead that he lets us choose our leaders independently. Juja people need leaders but not parties,” said Koimburi.

Amos Kibe Muigua alias Abudabi, who aspiring to be elected the next Juja Ward MCA as an independent candidate, said that he opted to go independent because of the irregularities that were witnessed in the Jubilee Party nominations. He therefore pleaded with the president not to sideline them as they too were in support of his re-election.

“Juja Constituency led in Jubilee Party vote malpractices. And I can tell you for a fact that very few of those vying on a Jubilee Party ticket here will see the light of day come August 8,” said Abudabi.

His sentiments were echoed by Theta Ward independent candidate Fredrick Muigai Gitau.

“Jubilee Party should not be seen to attempt to eliminate anybody. Since we are going to be on the ballot, we want the people to decide who they want to represent them. Whether one is in JP or independent, our goal is only one, to win as many votes as possible for President Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Gitau.

The leaders were speaking after attending an IEBC campaign harmonisation meeting in Juja Town.

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