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Alice, Wainaina pledge to support whoever wins; manage their supporters.

Eng. Patrick Wainaina and Hon. Alice Ng'ang'a during the peace meeting in Thika on Monday.
Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a and her fiercest competitor in the race for the seat Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle have promised to support whoever will emerge victorious in the August 8 General Elections.

Though each one of them exuded confidence that they would clinch the seat, they both pledged to accept “Wanjiku’s” verdict saying Thika was bigger than anyone of them.

Speaking in a meeting convened by the Thika West District Security Team to discuss recent cases of political violence within the constituency, the leaders also pledged to contain their supporters in a view to quell any further incidents of violence or political hooliganism.

“If at all Gathecha or Wainaina wins, I will support them. If I win, I expect them to do the same and we build Thika together,” said Hon. Alice.

On the recent cases of violence, the MP pointed an accusing finger to the police and the security organs saying that the buck stopped at their doorsteps. She appealed to them to take action against all those who were involved in the recent incidents of violence in Makongeni and Kiganjo so as to deter others from such behaviour.

“I hope this is not a PR exercise Bwana DCC. Do not spare me or my people. If anyone of us is found culpable, just hold us accountable. I want to hear Alice Ng’ang’a or Wainaina arrested if we break the law,” said Alice.

On his part, Eng. Wainaina distanced himself from any involvement with the chaos terming these heinous acts as side shows and shenanigans that added no value to the lives of the common mwananchi. He added that he was personally disappointed with these incidents which he described as detrimental to civilised campaigning.

“This seat is not worth shedding any blood or maiming anyone. To me violence doesn’t make sense and this madness must stop. As Wainaina Wa Jungle, I only want to be associated with service to Wanjiku. The rest are shenanigans. All Wanjiku needs is help from every quarters and I encourage everyone to advance their development agenda and leave the electorate to make their decision on who is to be their next leaders come August 8,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina lamented of incurring great loss of machinery and money as a result of the recent incidents of political hooliganism as his team embarked on service to the people. He also expressed his disappointment over vandalism and defacing of some of his projects by unknown people and called on the district security team to act before the situation went out of hand.

“Some of my projects have been vandalised and my people attacked in the midst of working for the people. I have written to the DCC and to the IEBC returning officer complaining of the same and it is incumbent upon them to take the relevant action,” he said.

Otherwise, he pointed out that come August 9, he would work with whoever Wanjiku voted in as their next MP. He promised to do everything possible to ensure that he managed his supporters’ behaviour for the remaining two months to the general elections.

Thika West DCC Tom Anjere warned that his team would not condone any further form of mischief from anyone adding that the politicians would be held accountable for the sins committed by their supporters. He further directed the DCIO to investigate on the recent incidents and ensure that the perpetrators were brought to book.

“Please do not provoke security agents. We cannot be always running after election hooligans. This time we are going to be very strict and tough on anyone who breaks the law regardless of their status in the society,” Anjere warned.

IEBC Returning Officer Geoffrey Gitobu reminded the candidates of the need to control the behaviour of their supporters for they could be penalised for the mistakes committed by their supporters. He advised them to compete on the basis of their manifesto and as much as possible avoid discussing their opponents during their campaigns.

“Thika has a history of very peaceful elections and these incidents are just but painting the constituency with a bad name. Elections are about fair competition and remember after August 8, Thika will still remain. So, let’s not ruin what we all have invested so much time and money just because of elections,” said Gitobu.

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