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Meet Brian Njuguna 23 year old creative, who is the Founder Legendary Arts & Interior.

Brian Njuguna 23 year old creative, is the Founder Legendary Arts & Interior Aquarium a Thika Based glass works and aquarium store.

Brian Njuguna is a 23 year old creative, is the Founder Legendary Arts & Interior Aquarium,his friend and him saw a gap that needed to be filled so they came up with this venture to sell aquariums, glass works, artistic products and so far there are the leading firm in the market.  He advises parents to allow their kids to focus on creative jobs such as his, by supporting them he reckons even though certain careers are deemed important, there is no one point that talent shall be replaced by automation, parents need to invest in nurturing their kids talent.

1. Did you grow up in Thika? 

I came to Thika back in 1999, when we moved in to Phase 6, my childhood dreams are laden wiith memories of going Hunto (Hunting) & Dufu Mpararo (Swimming in stagnant water).

2. What do you like about Thika Town? 

What I love about this town is its people,they are very united, majority of the population is full of youth who are talented, Thika has a very cool environment be it nature or business.

3.What would like to change about Thika? 

I would like to see a mental shift that growth is only for the selected few, as Thika Youths its time we realize we hold the future in our hands and we should take control of our lives.

4. As a creative how is it working in Thika? 

I’d say it a bit challenging coming from creative field, not so many people are open to purchasing items such as Aquariums, however we have gotten massive support from our clients here and abroad thanks to globalization via social media we can boast of having made sales.

5. What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

Come to Thika because this is a great place to invest your business.

Their shop is located in Thika town Kianjau building ground floor below Moments Coffee House.
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