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A Big boost for Wainaina as 300 women endorse his candidature.

Eng. Patrick Wainaina Wa Jungle has received a major boost as he seeks to clinch the Thika Town Parliamentary seat after 300 women from across the constituency agreed to back his bid.

At a prayer function convened by women from different ethnic groups and denominations to pray for peaceful elections held the St. Balikudebe Pastoral Center next to General Kago Primary School, the women acknowledged Wainaina’s transformative agenda, regarding him as the best placed person suited to make Thika great again.

They emphatically stated that they had resolved to support his candidature due to his vision for the people of Thika and his endeavour to create jobs for the youth.

Speaking on their behalf, Victoria Muthoni, a resident of Kisii Estate in Kamenu Ward, said Wa Jungle had all what it takes to become their next MP, adding that he was capable transform their lives if Thika electorate helped him ascend to power in August. 

“As women of Thika Town Constituency, we have resolved to rally behind Wainaina as he promises to be the best option to bring back Thika Town’s lost glory of the heydays. We take no pride in the kind of leadership we have experienced in the last few years. It is time we make the change we deserve and that change is Wainaina Wa Jungle,” said Muthoni.

Muthoni reckoned that Wainaina was accessible and his development record was evident for all to see.

Joyce Kisingu, a resident of Hospital Ward, said that they were tired of endless fights that translated to no development.

“When we cast our votes in 2013, we expected all our leaders to work in harmony and pool together the county resources for the benefit of the mwanachi. But instead, they started washing their dirty linens in public, and entangled us in their personal differences resulting to very little development in the region,” said Joyce.

“As Thika people, we are tired of these fights. We just need leaders who will initiate development programmes. And as the women who suffer most in all this, we have resolved to change tact and vote for Wainaina who has shown all signs that he will deliver if given a chance,” she added.

Grace Atieno from Kiganjo Estate applauded Wainaina’s leadership skills adding that this time round they were uninterested in party politics as their choice of leaders would be driven by individual candidate’s abilities.

Responding to their endorsement, Eng. Wainaina thanked the women for the overwhelming support they had accorded him and assured them that his victory would be a win for the people of Thika. He added that he was well prepared to battle it out with the incumbent MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a, noting that the women’s support was a clear indication of victory in the upcoming polls.

Wainaina also appealed to all his supporters to conduct themselves in a manner that will give Thikarians the confidence to entrust the mandate of leadership into the hands of development conscious leaders.

He castigated the behaviour of grassroots Jubilee leaders whom he said had attempted to create a wedge between leaders from other parties and the president.

“A scene like what we saw on Sunday at Thika Stadium during the president’s visit was regrettable and a sign of mediocrity. The president came to visit the people of Thika and not a chosen few. Attempting to shield him and branding others as enemies is a clear sign of cowardice and defeatist. If one is very sure of winning, why fear your opponents?” he asked.

He thanked the residents of Thika who stood their ground forcing those who had attempted to throw him out of the podium to chicken out.

“When God is on your side, all things will work out for the glory of His name. Your standing by me at that moment of shame was a clear testimony that we are walking this journey together and I will not let you down,” said Wainaina.

“These fellas calling themselves as ‘Jubilee Diehards’ are just a bunch of selfish individuals who are only interested in safeguarding their positions. They aint doing much to solicit votes for the president. And by the way, President Uhuru Kenyatta needs all our votes regardless from which camp they come from,” quipped Wainaina.

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