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Young Couple Very Happy to be Blessed with Triplets But……

Godfrey Mwangi and Brigit Viata with their three bundles of joy at their hospital bed.
A family in Githima village of Kahuro Sub-County in Murang’a County is seeking help from well-wishers after being blessed with triplets who have been held at Kiriaini mission hospital in Mathioya constituency following accrued hospital bill of Sh.500, 000.

It was with utter surprise and joy for Brigit Viata and Godfrey Mwangi, who were expecting just one child, but were blessed with triplets in February and have been in the hospital since then.

According to Mwangi who was a matatu conductor in Kayole Estate Nairobi, their choice of hospital was necessitated by the doctors’ strike in public hospitals. He rushed his wife to the Catholic-owned mission hospital where they were well received.

However, on realisation that Viata had to give birth to triplets, the doctors opted for caesarian operation which was very successful.

Speaking to the press from her hospital bed, Viata admitted that she was still in shock but said that she elated of her bundles of joy and would love them regardless of the fact that she had nothing to feed them.

Mwangi, who is the family’s breadwinner, has lost his job for paying frequent visits to her wife in hospital.

Mary Nyambura, a cousin to the family, narrated the pains that this young family have undergone through while trying to settle the bill.

She described them as poor and was worried that the hospital bill was still accruing owing to the fact that Viata was still undergoing secondary treatment with her babies fully relying on formula milk.

Dr. Mwangi Muturi, who has been taking care of Viata, confirmed that in deed the lady has underwent three operations following complications of the wound that has not fully healed.

He assured that the babies were now stable and four have already been discharged save for outstanding hospital bill that has held them back.

He added that the babies were born at 1.3 kg each and had to be kept on incubators for almost two months, an exercise that has seen their weight increase to about 2kg each.

He however pointed out that the babies were still fragile and needed some intensive care and proper feeding to ensure that they increased their weight.

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