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Mom Appeals For Financial Help To Assist Sons Get Medication In Germany.

Felista Waithira (left) and her two sons Mark Ngugi and Manaseh Maina being attended by a nurse at St. Mulumba Mission Hospital in Thika. The two boys were involved in a fire accident last December and require further medication in Germany.
A middle-aged single mother is appealing to well-wishers for financial assistance to help her raise KES 1.2 million to clear an outstanding medical bill at St. Mulumba Mission Hospital where her two sons are currently getting medical attention before they are flown to Germany for specialised treatment.

This hospital has been home to Felista Waithira, 31, and her two sons Mark Ngugi (5) and Manaseh Maina (3) since December 22nd 2016 when the two got burnt while at their Mabanda home, Gatanga Sub-County in Murang’a.

“I had left the two at home for Thika to collect raw materials for my detergents. At around 2pm, I received a call from my landlord telling me to meet them at the Kirwara Dispensary but they later asked me to report at St. Mulumba Mission Hospital. It was from there that I came to realise that my sons had been involved in a fire accident. The burns were so severe that I could rarely recognise any of them,” narrates Felista.

According to SR. Bernadette Mwita, who is the Nursing Officer In-Charge, the two were received with very severe burns and were immediately rushed to the ICU for first aid.

“On arrival to the hospital, Mark had about 30% burns while Manasseh 20%. Mark had to be immediately put into a ventilator as he had difficulties in breathing. We thank God that their conditions have stabilised and it is a matter of just about three other medical procedures before we can release them for skin grafting in Germany,” said SR. Bernadette.

SR. Bernadette added that the hospital could not turn away the two patients even though they had no money as they were brought at a time when the doctors in public hospitals were on strike.

The hospital has secured a well-wisher who has promised to help raise funds for the two kids have some medical attention abroad.

“So far, their bill has accumulated to slightly over KES 1.2 million but we are expecting to get higher as we are still going on with medication. We are therefore in appeal to well-wishers to help this young lady raise this amount as we make arrangements to have them flown to Germany where someone has agreed to fund raise for their skin grafting,” she said.

Felista, who is a former IDP and an orphan, thanks the hospital management for admitting her without money and also saving the lives of her sons. She reckons that she can barely raise the hospital bill from her meagre earning of her soap and detergent business, a situation that has been complicated by her being in the hospital for the last five months.

Most of her relatives are still struggling in life, having being evicted from their home at ‘Majani Mingi’ in Mogotio, Baringo County during the 2007-08 Post Elections Violence.

Well-wishers can reach out the hospital administration via Tel: +254-712856197 Mobile: +254734915779 or via Admastmatiamulumba.org

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