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Jubilee Lays Down Tough Measures To Curb Rigging, Violence During Primaries.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju.
As we head to the party primaries next Friday, there are fears that unless Jubilee Party gets their nominations rights, this could lead to voter apathy in the August elections and a major fallout given that political bigwigs are fighting for their lives for the prestigious ticket.

The possibility that nomination losers could still run as independents raises the stakes even higher.

It is for this reason that JP has come up with an eight point strategy to beat the odds. These are;-

• They are ready to sacrifice their loyal lieutenants for the sake of internal democracy the kind of chaos seen in other parties.

• They have hired about 60,000 polling officials for the primaries.

• Violent aspirants and those planning to party-hop once they lose will be prevented from getting cleared by the IEBC.

• They have trained 300 presiding officers and intend to train all the polling officials before April 21.

• They will rely on members register to identify genuine voters. The smartcards will only be used as an additional tool to identify members.

• They will deploy new ballot boxes fitted with a security mechanism to ensure they cannot be opened at the polling stations and stuffed with papers.

• They will set up central primaries tallying centre to ensure proper tallying of votes as they trickle in from locations.

•Jubilee Party nominations will be observed by internationally reputed organisations including the American Embassy and the European Union.

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