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It Wasn’t Me! Mukiriti Man Denies Casting ‘Juju’ On Colleague.

A file pic of some African witchcraft paraphernalia.
A middle-aged man in Mukiriti Market, Thika West Sub-County has vehemently denied allegations by a section of the traders that he cast witchcraft spells over his colleague and friend following some dispute over money.

The man (name withheld), who works as a caretaker in a building within the market and doubles up as a potter (bebabeba), is accused of using ‘juju’ magic rituals in order to punish his colleague running away with the money they had earned from ferrying some firewood.

According to our sources, the two had worked for a certain trader and had been paid sh. 1,800. It is alleged that the victim grabbed the money from this man and ran away. A few days later, he started experiencing some weird spells that were associated with witchcraft.

“He started being attacked by strange cats inside his house. Rodents and lizards started accessing his body through the bottom of his trousers, scratch and bite him all over his body. In fact, before this was over, he was full of wounds and scratch marks resulting from these attacks,” revealed our source.

It is said that after suffering for quite a while, the victim was taken to stay with a relative in Ruiru but his predicaments never ceased.

When the situation got out of hand, the family decided to raise the amount this victim had swindled from his friend so as to refund it back.

“When he received his money back, the victim’s condition changed and started being normal. His health improved and he is now very okay,” explained our source.

When we asked him to explain about the matter, this man denied ever visiting any sorcerer nor performing any rituals to harm his ‘friend’.

“I really can’t tell if his predicaments are as a result of the money because I never did anything. I never went to any witchdoctor myself. My conscience is clear. That’s all I can say,” said the man.

According to him, this was just a case of mere coincidence and nothing to do with him. He argued that he had in fact contemplated taking the matter to the police but he changed his mind when he arrived at the police gate saying that he felt uneasy sending a friend to the police cells because of money.

“When they (family to the victim) came to me, I just told them that I had no issue with the victim. All I wanted is my money. I assured them that if they did so, their brother will get better,” he said.

When compelled to explain how the victim got well immediately after the refund of the money, he just dismissed this case as a matter of mental beliefs.

“Yes, I told them since you believe that his problems are as a result of this money, he will definitely get well after you return the money. And that is exactly what happened. He is well now,” he concluded.

Efforts to reach the victim or his family members were fruitless as they were said to have gone to their rural home in Mwea.

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