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Bidco Employees Participate In Cleanup Campaign.

A section of Bidco employees during a cleanup along General Kago Road. 
A section of Bidco employees took part in an environmental cleanup on Friday, cleaning the entire General Kago Road starting from the General Kago-Garissa Road Junction near National Oil Petrol Station all the way to the Stadium Roundabout.

The cleanup, initiated by Bidco’s ‘Wellness Champions’,  involved litter-picking and removal of rubbish to make the areas look clean, tidy and litter free.  

The more than 900 employees found time to pool together energy and to demonstrate unwavering commitment to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner in respect of their workplace and surrounding environment

The team swept the road, picked up trash and cut overgrown grass along the stretch of the road. 

“This is our street, our home and we feel it is important to do what we can to make it amazing,” Zipporah Mburu the leader of the group said. 

She said that cleanup was a tool to make people aware of the importance of staying in a clean environment and generating less waste.

Paul Mutisya from Bidco's IT team highlighted the dangers of littering and illegal dumping saying that it was  important to equip community with knowledge of waste management.

“This is why we embarked on a practical experience by going all out to clean up the area around our company. It's about making a difference to our community and to ourselves and cleanliness is a great way to do that,” said Paul. 

He added that business owners should also educate their employees by placing anti-litter signs next to their businesses.

“Business owners must also encourage their employees to take pride in their workplace by keeping it litter-free.”

He said litter creates ugliness in public places, including streets, parks and waterways and impacts on real estate values.

“Most litter can be recycled, which not only protects the environment, but saves our natural resources.”

Zipporah thanked the workers who took part in the clean-up campaign saying that the exercise would go a long way in minimising negative environmental impacts and providing the opportunity to live in clean and well-maintained environment.

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