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Frenzied Roadshows, Boardroom Meetings Mark The Last Day Of Campaigning.

A convoy of large machines by Eng. Patrick Wainaina that left so many residents agape wherever they transversed in the streets of Thika Town Constituency. 
On a dramatic final day of campaigns for the Jubilee primaries, Thika Town and its environs on Wednesday was in total chaos as all major candidates organised roadshows, giving other commuters and residents a tough time dealing with an unusual scenario as thousands of vehicles and motorcycles hit the road.

Candidates cleared to contest in the Jubilee Party ticket intensified campaigns crisscrossing the constituency in the hunt for the undecided voters, absolutely not leaving anything to chance and has set up camp in the area. 

Long convoys accompanied by cars hooting  culminated with a show of might characterised the show as long trails of sophisticated machines snaked through the town streets, covering the vote-rich areas in each wards. Donned in branded attire, noisy supporters chanting and singing praises of their preferred candidates moved through the town streets on open vehicle roofs waving to onlookers.

A section of the candidates opted for a door-to-door, ward-to-ward campaign to meet voters with others canvassing conference meetings in a last attempt to woo voters from all quarters. Closed door meetings were also held with groups and community leaders to seek their support.

The incumbents banked on their development records while new comers promised change, highlighting the shortcomings of those in office.

As usual, the exercise did not end without shenanigans associated with an election and the propaganda has reached fever pitch.

A trailer that led a convoy by Senatorial candidate Paul Wamatangi as they crisscrossed Thika town.
For instance, there were claims the vote had been deferred. Certain candidates could be heard lamenting about plans of rigging by their opponents and especially pointing fingers towards those already in office. Allegations of vote buying were also rife especially by wealthier candidates.

“They are ‘pouring money’ in the area to influence voters ahead of Friday’s nominations. Just this morning, one of the candidates brought a whole carton of money to bribe a certain group of people, giving them sh. 3,000 each. I am appealing to the electorate to take it but vote for the right leaders on Friday because it is money stolen from you,” said aspirant.

He also claimed that aspirants had planned to use youth to cause violence in some polling stations Friday to disrupt the elections.

“Many candidates crafting plans to distribute liquor and money on the night before polling. We know some of our opponents will use youth to cause violence but we are asking for a peaceful election because Thika is a peaceful town.”

In their final election plea, majority of these aspirants claimed to be the best bet to fight unemployment, mismanagement of public resources and corruption if elected.

The town was littered with candidates’ posters and banners, urging people to vote for them.

However, the level of violence has been relatively low, as has the level of enthusiasm for the election.

Wednesday night was characterised by these candidates holding private strategic meeting meetings with their point-men to brainstorm on their progress so far and strategise on the last minute scheme to win the party prestigious ticket. 

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