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Be Prepared For A Humiliating Defeat, Kabogo Warns Team Waititu.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo at Thika Stadium on Saturday when he launched his re-election bid. With him is his wife Philomena. 
Governor William Kabogo is exuding confidence of a second term in office and is optimistic about flooring his main challenger, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu to clinch the Jubilee ticket during the April 21 party nominations.

Speaking at the Thika Stadium when he launched his manifesto-cum re-election bid on Saturday, Kabogo vowed to give his opponents a run for their money.

“I am telling you, come April 21st, I will show my opponents dust in the primaries. They better be prepared for a humiliating defeat. I am sure the people of Kiambu will give me another term to complete the work I began. After all, my development record speaks for itself,” said the governor.

During the event, Kabogo enumerated his achievements over the four years he has been in office and highlighted some of the key projects his administration will prioritise after the August 8 poll.

Amongst his greatest achievements, he said, was the Sh. 300 million Biashara Fund that has been giving youth loans to start businesses. Kabogo added that his administration had scored big on health, with a project to expand several hospitals at a cost of Sh. 1.5 billion currently ongoing. This includes a Sh. 660 million 275-bed reproductive health unit at the Thika Level Five Hospital, a 200-bed expansion project at Tigoni Level Four Hospital, which will cost Sh. 160 million, and a 150-bed expansion programme for the Kikuyu Level Four Hospital at a cost of Sh. 211 million.

The governor also cited improved access to water from 30 to 48% and more than 1,000km of roads built to gravel standards.

“All indications are clear that residents will give me a second term as evidenced in the findings of the latest opinion polls that put me ahead of my rival,” said Kabogo.

In his manifesto, Kabogo said that the construction of the second phase of the Sh2.2 billion Kiambu Sewerage System will start soon after re-election. The second phase will entail upgrading the sewer line between Juja town and Thika South.

The governor also said that Kiambu will also double the number of health facilities to 216 by 2022 from the current 108.

Other projects highlighted in his manifesto include increasing Bursary Fund cash to benefit more students. The Fund was launched in 2013 soon after Kabogo office. The county will also establish fully equipped public libraries and increase the number of Early Childhood Development and Education centres.

“We commit to growing the Bursary Fund and increasing annual allocation to ensure our bright and needy students get a chance to pursue their dreams,” the manifesto reads.
Kabogo said that Kiambu has instituted revenue administration reforms and partnered with the KRA for better revenue collection.

“The county has finalised the Draft Land Valuation Roll, which quantifies its estimated property taxes at about Sh8 billion. We take pride in making Kiambu the first county to have prepared a valuation roll and invested in ICT systems to ensure residents’ property and county services are billed accurately,” reads the manifesto.

Meanwhile, Kabogo has said that Kenya has politically matured during the first phase of devolution but insisted that there should be no competition between the National and County governments.

While speaking in a local vernacular station, Kabogo said he had fully delivered his promises to Kiambu electorate, pointing out that divisive politics was not good especially during the electioneering.

“Devolution came to complement the National government. Having learnt enough in the first phase of devolution, Kenya is ready to move forward. However, sadistic personality syndrome has affected most politicians who prefer to spew hate over selling their agendas. Such politicians should be tamed to avert emergence of crisis in the nation,” said Kabogo.

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