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You Can’t Imagine What This Politician Is Promising Thikarians If Elected! THITIMAAA!!

It is no longer a secret that the landscape of Kenyan politics has been thrown into upheaval over the past few days due to the political heat that is degenerating in the country. Adjustments and realignments in the political arena are already on course.

It is worth noting that elections are a very important phase of our lives. With it comes a government that will affect every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to security and so on. 

Thus, voting is a fundamental right that every citizen should guard jealously.
People from all walks of life are now coming to us to solicit for our votes, all oozing confidence that come August 8, they will win their respective seats. This is anything strange or off the ordinary.

But the sad bit is that with this very noble endeavour, jokers, and yes there is no other polite, expletive-free way to describe them, have also plunged themselves for elections, making the 2017 political arena a fool's paradise.

But the “Joker of The Year” Award goes to one His Excellency Honourable Waweru Mburu who is vying as an independent candidate for the Thika Town Constituency Parliamentary seat.

As others are promising heaven in the election manifestos, Hon. Mburu is simply offering free Githeri ya minji mboga na kanyama ga kuorota everyday between 12:00noon and 2:00pm at Christina Wangari Gardens from August 8 upon his election.

He describes himself as Mheshimiwa Stima, Mjumbe Mashinani and the Trump Wa Thika.

He claims to be sponsored by major brands that are more associated with betting and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

His election symbol is a football.

This is not the first time this politician has attempted to vie for the seat. He vied for the former Juja Constituency seat in 2007 and garnered a few thousand votes. In the last General Elections, he was at it again, this time in his native Gatanga Constituency where his political symbol was a loaf of bread.

Well, will His Excellency Honourable Waweru Mburu be a third time lucky this time round? Let the people of Thika decide.

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