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Politicians Call For More Police Surveillance, Support Call To Revert Ndururumo PP To Thika Division.

Eng. Patrick Wainaina, James Nyoro and Rev. David K. Ngari who support part of Murang'a County reverted back to Kiambu for easier service delivery.
Three politicians have supported the call by Thika business community to have sections of Murang’a County reverted back to Kiambu County with intent to enhancing service delivery and security.

Rev. Dr. David Kariuki Ngari (Gakuyo), James Nyoro and Eng. Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) said that residents living in Maki Estate, Bendor, Jogoo Kimakia, Maboromoko, Githingiri and Thika Sports Club faced untold suffering in accessing essential services due to geographical and administrative constraints.

Speaking during the requiem mass of the late Joyce Wambui Githitu at the Thika ACK Cathedral, Eng. Wainaina supported this call by noting that laws were made to enhance the lives of people and therefore any government worth its salt needed to consider what best suited a particular section of its citizen.

“These boundaries were not cast on stone and should be amended to best serve the people living in this area. We cannot punish a section of our citizenry in the name of political or administrative boundaries that serve no one or make it hard for the governed,” said Wainaina.

Rev. Gakuyo reckoned Thika residents who lived across River Chania found themselves in a catch-22 situation immediately after the actualisation of devolution in 2013. He said that even though these residents funded and orchestrated the construction of Ndururumo Police Post, they no longer enjoyed the services of that station due to logistical constraints.

“This area is a 100% occupied by people from Thika and they need to get services from where they can easily and conveniently access them and that is from the Thika side of the River Chania. The administrative boundaries of both Kiambu and Murang’a should be reviewed to have Kiambu County border Murang’a at KARI on Kandara Road,” said Gakuyo.

“The core intent for devolution was to take services to the grassroots and to enhance people to take control of their own lives. Even though security has not yet been devolved, people need to be empowered to take charge of their own security. This can be made possible through community policing. For instance, if the people of Maki had the power to control their own security, a case like this one (Joyce Githitu’s murder) would probably not have occurred,” added Nyoro.

That notwithstanding, Wainaina pointed out that the police service too needed further reforms to reflect the challenges in the grassroots.

“As the business community in Thika, we are overly concerned with our safety. As much as we commend our police for their efforts in curbing crime in the area, we are appealing to the government to further initiate more reforms in the service to reflect the reality and challenges on the ground. We need to come up with solutions that will enhance proactive measure in containing crime,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina challenged the police to ensure that they got to the root of the murder of Mrs. Githitu as the failure would simply encourage other criminals to continue with their evil schemes.

“Investment in this region will be affected if security is not guaranteed. In the long run, this will have some ripple effect on the economy and our dream to create jobs for our people. If insecurity is coming about as a result of corrupt officers, we demand that they get smoked out of the service,” he added.

He called on all residents to work with security organs and support measures that would avert and stave off crime in the area.

Meanwhile, Rev. Ngari has appealed to the Jubilee leadership to reconsider their resolve to use the Jubilee ‘smartcard’ in next month’s party primaries.  Rev. Ngari noted that majority of the party supporters had not yet accessed these documents, completely locking them out of the nominations process.

“Majority of the party supporters do not have the cards and it will be impossible for them to participate in the party primaries next month. Some rogue politicians have gone to the headquarters and bought out all the cards with the intention of locking out their competitors from the race. It is therefore my suggestion that Jubilee party instructs officers manning the exercise to allow people to use their National IDs plus their voters’ cards to nominate their favourite candidates during the nominations,” said Gakuyo.

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