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Aspirant Challenges Electorate To Gauge All Candidates ‘By Their Fruits’ Before Voting Them Into Office.

Eng. Patrick Wainaina addressing residents of Munyu Village after donating relief food to drought-stricken people in Gatuanyaga Ward. 
Thika Town Parliamentary aspirant and business mogul Eng. Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) has advised Thika electorate to elect the right set of leaders to administer the functioning of the constituency and the country at large by voting into office only people who would diligently perform their duty towards their people and the nation.

Speaking at various stations in Gatuanyaga Ward, Thika East Sub-County while donating relief food to those adversely affected by the current drought, Wainaina reminded the residents that voting was one key way to help change their personal economies and turn this country around. This, he said, could only be achieved if the electorate entrusted leadership to people with integrity and those who had an agenda to propel the constituency into prosperity.

Siting the Bible quote that said ‘You shall know them by their fruits’, the aspirant asked the voters to carefully evaluate those who claimed leadership roles to avoid condemning themselves into another term of misery and non-performance.

Taking pride in his development record, Wainaina asked the electorate to demand for an audit account from each candidate detailing how they had assisted the community in improving their standards of living.

“When I stand before you here, I can proudly account for my own deeds to improve the lives of Thika residents. Since 2006, our foundation has been working with Thika people to change lives and empower them into being self-reliant. That is why I want you to challenge each one of us to account how they have used their positions to change the lives of the community,” said Wainaina.

He pointed out that Gatuanyaga, just like all other wards in the constituency, had its own potential that only needed the right leadership exploit. He added that, with all their potential, it was quite sad that these residents were always exposed to the effects of drought every year, a matter that could have been rectified by organising the people into being producers and not dependents of food aid.

“With two major rivers on both sides of Gatuanyaga and Ngoliba Wards, these people only need someone to help them take advantage of the waters to be self-reliant in food production. It pains me to be here today to give food rations to people who would otherwise be the ones donating the food themselves. This is an area with great economic potential but those in leadership positions have failed to guide them into exploiting their potential. Gatuanyaga is very rich in natural resources like building stones and material. You people do not need to beg for aid from anyone,” he said.

Wainaina told them that if elected, he would ensure that he worked out a programme that would turn the tables and ensure that the residents of these areas only sought for him in pursuit of markets for their goods and services but not to seek favours in the form of relief food.

He promised to assist land owners in the area, quarry workers and owners to form associations that will assist them in taking advantage of the market and fetch the best out of their investments.

Eng. Wainaina sharing some foodstuff with the elderly in Komo village of Gatuanyaga Location.
He also pointed out that the key problem in majority of areas within the constituency emanated from weak leadership that lacked vision to map up strategic plans that would transform these areas. Theirs, he said, were just peace-meal solutions and knee-jerk reactions to emerging challenges without any comprehensive programme to end them once and for all.

“Majority of our people are trapped in economic and intellectual prisons made by history, perpetuated and promoted by demagogues and the greedy. For a long time we have been led by ‘speakers of words rather than doers of deeds’,” lamented Wainaina.

He concluded by saying that having achieved so much with the little resources at his disposal, his administration when elected as the next Thika Town MP would be to prudently optimise the use of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to ensure real and tangible development could be seen and felt within the entire constituency.

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