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MCA Does A First With A ‘Digital’ Manifesto Launch That Guarantees Economic Empowerment, Job Creation.

Johnstone Ndegwa stressing a point to a group of youth and Ndula residents after launching his manifesto geared towards taking Ngoliba to the next level.
Ngoliba Ward MCA aspirant Johnstone Ndegwa has launched his election manifesto at Ndula Trading Centre in Thika East Sub-County, putting economic empowerment, youth employment, infrastructure, health, agriculture and tourism at the top of his list of policies.

While launching his ‘digital’ mission statement, a first in the region for any aspiring candidate, Ndegwa explained that his resolve to vie for the seat had been driven by the challenges that he, along with other Ngoliba residents faced with no tangible solution in place.

“My resolve to contest for the Ngoliba seat has been motivated by the fact that those we mandated to represent us have failed to come up with solutions to the problems that we encounter. Majority of the people we sent to the county assembly are still trapped in the old ‘councillor’ mentality thus have failed drastically in executing their core mandate of enhancing development at the grassroots as enshrined in our constitution,” said Ndegwa before an audience of over 300 youth.

As an investor, Ndegwa said that he would apply his managerial expertise and the people’s input to develop the area which he noted that had great unexploited potential.

“It is a shame that Ngoliba Ward, a region sandwiched by two big rivers, has a tourist attraction site and with its proximity to more than four counties is now being assisted with food rations to beat famine. What kind of leadership is this that cannot exploit our potential to enhance food security and job creation?” he posed.

He said that he was committed as their next MCA, to use his position to lobby for resources from various quarters, co-ordinate economic, social and cultural projects for the benefit of Ngoliba Ward residents.

“My vision and mission for Ngoliba Ward is based on creating more and better jobs, investing in better services as we collectively developed a long-term economic plan that will offer our people the stability and the certainty that they need to grow and be independent,” he said.

Ndegwa’s manifesto was anchored on three interconnected, interrelated but independent pillars namely; Economic, Social and Cultural Pillars.

Under the economic pillar, Ndegwa promised to offer Ngoliba residents a solid economic foundation on which they could build their lives through promoting trade, identifying and creating employment opportunities and development of appropriate infrastructure that would enhance business growth. He added that he would facilitate the formation of associations that would be pivotal to the creation of jobs and search for markets for their goods and services.
Ndegwa taking Ngoliba youth through his manifesto.

“We have been living through uncertain economic times. You need that leader who can assist you to access cheap credit from both governments and well as initiate business-friendly by-laws in the county assembly. With your support and input, we shall also implement a recovery plan that will take us to where we would want to be. Together, we will make Ngoliba a business hub for others to emulate.”

For the social pillar, Ndegwa promised to work out on improving the social infrastructure at Ndula, Kilimambogo, Magogoni and Ngoliba trading centres as well as working out a plan to upgrade Ngoliba Health Centre into a level 4 hospital.

His cultural pillar targeted arts, handicraft and traditional dancers to take advantage of the tourist attractions of The 14 Falls and the Kilimambogo reserve among other strategies.

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