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Uhuru’s Intervention Ends The Leadership Wrangles Threatening To Split AIPCA Church.

AIPCA Archbishop-Elect Fredrick Wang'ombe administering mass at Gakarara Parish on Sunday where the announcement of President Uhuru kenyatta's intervention was made, signalling the end of a three-year conflict.

The leadership tussle in the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) that has been threatening to divide its two million faithful is almost over after the intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking at a colourful church service administered by Archbishop-Elect Fredrick Wang’ombe at Gakarara Parish Maragua Diocese, Retired Archbishop Amos Mathenge Kabuthu thanked the president for his timely arbitration noting that the church could not be built on a foundation of conflict.

“I would like to thank the president for listening to the cries of the AIPCA faithful and for his timely intervention. He has instructed me to make sure that Archbishop Wang’ombe unites all the factions that had emerged and ensure that we are one. We have therefore invited all these leaders tomorrow (Monday) at 10 am at our cathedral in Bahati Nairobi to discuss the way forward,” said Kabuthu.

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Kabuthu appealed to the AIPCA faithful to accord the new leader all the peace he needed, singling out the church leadership to restrain from being influenced through financial inducement to ignite conflicts. He asked the new leadership to set modalities to amend their constitution as it had greatly contributed to the current conflicts.

“I suggest that the church board sits down and amend our constitution and do away with two centres of power. We need to meet very soon to seek ways of sealing the loopholes that have been causing friction between the archbishop and the national chairman of the church council,” he added.

He dismissed as null and void, next Sunday’s planned consecration of Bishop Julius Njoroge as the new archbishop of the AIPCA saying that he (Kabuthu) was the only authority bestowed to hand over the instruments of power to the new leader.

The new archbishop said that his vision was to uplift the standards of the church and correct the errors of the past. He pointed out that a church that had no vision was as good as dead, adding that among his priorities, was to build a theological university to serve its clergy.

“We need to now focus on uniting the church and coming up with development strategies that will take us to the next level. Let’s join hands with all our brothers and sisters, even those who are opposing us and built a united church. Let us pray for each other and especially pray for those who are differing with us,” said Archbishop Wang’ombe. 

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Retired Archbishop Amos Kabuthu flanks his successor Fredrick Wang'ombe to a church service at Gakarara Parish in Kandara, Maragua Diocese.
Basing his sermon on Exodus 8: 7-10, Archbishop Wang’ombe reminded the faithful that there was no problem that was big enough to beat God.

“I challenge you to pray and ask God to erase the problems facing AIPCA Church now. I announce to you that this is God’s time and our challenges are now behind us.

The Secretary General of the AIPCA National Board Simon Kimaru Maina thanked God that the three years wasted in wrangles were now over. He explained that the reason why they rejected the elevation of Archbishop Julius Njoroge was in the manner that he was elected.

“The manner in which Archbishop Njoroge was elected was unconstitutional. He was elected by just a few people against the wishes of the majority of the faithful,” said Kimaru.

Kimaru moved to correct misconception that Archbishop Wang’ombe was Retired Archbishop Amos Kabuthu’s project, saying that he (Wang’ombe) was elected by 18 dioceses.

“Archbishop Wang’ombe was unanimously voted in by 18 dioceses who only went to the retiring archbishop to seek for his blessings. We then requested Retired Archbishop Kabuthu to hand over the instruments of power to him of which he did not object,” explained Kimaru.

He appealed to political leaders to refrain themselves from interfering with the affairs of the AIPCA Church as they were igniting more chaos in the church. 

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He promised to convene a meeting of the national board to organise a sendoff ceremony for the retired archbishop befitting his status in the church.

Archbishop Wang’ombe was voted into office on Friday 3rd February 2017 in Nyeri by 18 out of the church’s 22 dioceses.

According to the AIPCA constitution, he will have to wait for 45 days before he is officially consecrated and assume the full responsibilities as the spiritual head of the AIPCA Church. During this period, the clergy and the faithful will embark on a prayer session to dedicate his new ministry unto God.

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