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‘Illegally’ Transferred Voters Threaten Uhuru’s Re-election Bid, Says Thika MP.

Thika Town MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a has praised Thika residents for turning up in very large numbers to register as voters in the just concluded mass voter registration exercise in which over 225,000 new voters were listed in Kiambu County.

However, the MP warned that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election bid was greatly threaten by the high numbers of ‘illegally’ transferred voters who might not cast their votes in August in case their candidates failed to clinch the Jubilee Party ticket in April this year.

Noting that so many candidates vying for various seats in the region imported voters from elsewhere in a bit to take advantage of tyranny of numbers, Alice said that it would be very unlikely that these same politicians would spend any money to avail these voters to vote for the president in case they lost in the nominations.

“It is not a secret that so many people were brought to Thika in buses to come and transfer their votes. What will happen to them in case their candidates failed to win the Jubilee ticket? Those will be lost votes for the president as these people will not be facilitated to come back here and vote for the president. It will simply render null and void all our efforts in the just concluded mass voter registration exercise,” said Alice

The MP therefore pleaded with those who will lose in the primaries to laisse with the winners so as to ensure that all these voters were facilitated to vote come August 8th

“I am humbly pleading with anyone who will lose in April to just whisper to the winners so that we do not lose these votes. Our priority should be to guarantee that President Uhuru Kenyatta beats the 50 + 1 vote rule. The people you transported might be the ones to deny the president his victory,” she said.

The legislator appealed to all candidates to respect each other as they gave each other the opportunity to sell their ideas. Noting that victory came from God, Alice reminded the aspirants that at the end of the day, there would be only one winner and Thika shall remain even after the polls.

She said that mudslinging each other only bore hatred and in the long run extended to their supporters.

“If we stop it (confrontational politics) as leaders, our supporters will follow suit. This campaign (for peace) will start with us,” said the MP.

“Kiti hupeanwa na Mungu (It’s God who installs leaders). I don’t know who will be Thika MP tomorrow. Let’s therefore accord each other the respect they deserve and also allow each other to sell their ideas to the electorate. Eventually, it will be the people to decide,” she added.

The MP was speaking to the press after attending a peace meeting with the Thika West security team led by the DCC Tom Anjere. Various aspiring candidates attended the forum where the call for a peaceful electioneering period was rallied by all the participants.

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