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Kiambu Huduma Centre Celebrate 1st Anniversary With Song And Dance.

A section of Kiambu Huduma Centre Staff break into dance during their 1st anniversary celebrations.

 It was pomp and glamour as Kiambu Huduma Centre staff celebrated their 1st Anniversary in style in their Thika office premises and for an event that was happening for the very first time, there was obvious excitement among the staff. From a distance, anyone could feel the jovial mood in the air and no one needed any explanation to notice that the staffs were up to their best to make sure the day was remarkable.

The venue was stunningly decorated with the Huduma Kenya draping with the employees well donned in their crystal white attire that really brightened the mood of the occasion. The well-choreographed event was coloured by a tinge of pride and fulfilment.

Chief Guest Thika West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Tom Anjere said that such occasions were very essential as they had long lasting beneficial effects on staff and, therefore, on the department as it had a direct correlation to the bottom line.

“Celebrating in your successes in this manner helps to lift the morale across the board as is team spirit. The engagement levels are heightened when the staff are given the opportunity to network with their peers and superiors. All of these factors end up leading to improved organisational performance and productivity levels,” said Anjere.

Anjere advised them to include the members of public in the subsequent events so that they could also get the feel of what the public expected of them. He called on other government departments to emulate the Huduma Centre’s selfless service to the public adding that it went beyond the physical aspect.

“How I wish every government department worked the way you do here at Huduma Centre. Whenever you serve the public in this manner, you actually do go beyond the physical service as you also touch their lives spiritually.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Centre Manager Josephine Mwengi said that as a department, they decided to hold this party to help them reflect on their achievements over the year and look to plan for the next year.

“We thought it was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate with our staff, to look back and reflect on how far we have come. We needed to look towards our journey with much excitement and gladness. This is a time of rest and relax after a whole year of working hard and smart to achieve our goals. Our 1st anniversary party is a great way to honour all of the hard work and dedication that has brought our centre’s success this far,” said Mwengi.

Mwengi said that she was happy to be part of a team that was assigned the duty to erase that negative perception people have against government services. She said that her dream was to see them offer all the government services.

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“We have proved that government officers can work without being pushed or expecting to be enticed with a bribe. Our staff work with a smile and ensure that every client who visits us is well served and assisted without any intimidation,” she said.

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