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Thika Town Race Takes A New Twist As Kikuyu Elders, Church Endorse Mburu.

Thika Town MP aspirant Morris Mburu welcomed by supporters at Githima Primary School Grounds where various leaders endorsed his candidature.
The race for the 2017 Thika Town Constituency seat took a new twist on Saturday after the Council of Kikuyu elders endorsed Morris Mburu Mwaniki.

Led by Kinyua Nderitu who is the Thika Sub-County deputy chairperson, the elders said that Mburu had satisfied tradition to be installed a Kikuyu elder.

“For a couple of years now, (Morris) Mburu has been in the forefront trying to ensure that the welfare of the community is well looked into. Recently, he participated in the initiation ceremony of more than 100 young boys in their transition to adulthood. On behalf of the elders, I officially endorse his candidature come 2017 and we are sure with the blessing of ‘Mwene Nyaga’ (God), he will be Thika’s next MP,” said Nderitu.

Mburu’s endorsement was also backed by several churches, family and community leaders who had attended a colourful ceremony held at Githima Primary School Grounds in his native Munyu Village.

On behalf of his family, Kenneth Njiriri who is Mburu’s elder brother, said that Mburu was a born leader who was capable of uniting the people of Thika and the country at large. He described him as a jovial and a very social person who personally worked with the people in seeking for solutions to their challenges.

His wife Dorcas Mburu appealed to the people to support his bid and pray for him to emerge victorious.

In his acceptance speech, Mburu said that he had decided to give the bid another shot as he had been disappointed by the kind of leadership that the people of Thika had gone through in the last five years. He thanked all those who voted for him in the last General Elections for the faith they had bestowed on him adding that time was right for them to bring the change they had always yearned for.

Mburu noted that some of the reasons that he had to vie for the Thika seat was the manner that its resources were being diverted to other constituencies, thereby disadvantaging the residents.

“How many of you here have ever benefitted from the area CDF kitty? It is quite sad that majority of Thika people suffer as their resources benefit people from another constituency. Juja residents get a share of CDF money from two MPs, benefiting from what was rightfully belonging to Thika residents. It is time Thika said no to ‘imported’ leaders,” he said.

He said that he was offering servant leadership that would involve all stakeholders, promising to work with all leaders in the interest of the wananchi. Mburu castigated the infighting that had been the trademark of Thika politics for the last 5 years saying that this was the reason so many people in the constituency had failed to get better services from the government regardless of the billions of shillings that were been channeled to the area.

Mburu advocated for a peaceful environment that was conducive to investment and growth of business in a town that was known worldwide as a business and industrial hub.

“I humbly appeal to my competitors to embrace peace in their campaigns as violence would only amount to losses and scaring away potential investors. It is very regrettable for any leader brag in public of how they would use violence means to get to power. I would like to remind them that Thika will still remain even after the 2017 elections and it would be very unwise if we burnt it for our own selfish reasons.”

He dismissed all those who referred him as a resident of Mombasa arguing that his business interests should not be construed to mean otherwise.
Some pastors pray for Morris Mburu and his wife Dorcas in preparation of his mission to capture the Thika Town Constituency seat.

“All my interests are in Thika. I was born, brought up and still reside in Thika. Whatever I earn from Mombasa benefits my people back here in terms of employment and other benefits.”

Mburu promised that, if elected, he would put up two offices in the constituency that would assist him to serve the people more conveniently.

“I will put up an office in Thika East Sub-County that would supplement the work done by the one in Thika Town. This would be a relief to those people living in the lower parts of Gatuanyaga, Magogoni and Ngoliba who have been having it rough accessing services from their Member of Parliament,” explained Mburu.

Mburu said that he would fight it out for nominations on a Jubilee ticket but warned those trying to play tricks on the matter that he would not take lying down.

“They say ‘once bitten twice shy’. Last time they did what they did to rig me out but I am promising them that this time round we are smarter. But I would also like to warn those who don’t participate in the nominations that they are to blame for the kind of leaders we are having today. Wrong leaders are voted in by those who fail to vote and in this region, the elections for the seats will be won in the Jubilee nominations in April,” he said.

He however expressed his steadfast support for President Uhuru Kenyatta for another term saying that in the last 5 years, the president and his deputy had steered this country to great heights in terms of development.

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