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Take Charge Corrupt Officials, Aspirant Appeals To The President.

MCA Florence Njeri Ngeru responding to the press at Africana College of Professionals in Thika during the graduation ceremony of Kiambu Youth Campaigners.
An aspirant for the Thika Township Ward in Kiambu County has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to take a decisive and stern action against all those mentioned in corruption to ensure lost funds are recovered.

Florence Njeri Ngeru (Flozie), who is a nominated M.C.A at the Kiambu Assembly, said that it was quite discouraging that even though everyone was in consensus that there was rampant corruption in the system, nothing much was being done to curb this vice. She said that Kenyans had very high hopes in the Jubilee Government and it was therefore mandatory for the president to lead from the front in the fight against corruption.

“It is quite unfortunate that even though everyone including our president has admitted to the existence of rampant corruption within the ranks, nothing is being done to fight the vice. All we are treated to is theatrics that does not help us as Kenyans. We don’t to hear the president telling us that he is unable to do something to these people. We voted him in knowing quite well that he was capable of restoring the dignity of this nation. We therefore call upon him to make sure that those mentioned in corrupt deals face the full wrath of the law,” said Flozie during the graduation ceremony of 30 youth who had attended a one-week peace campaign workshop at the Africana College in Thika.

She said time was now ripe that all those mentioned in corruption were barred from vying for any political seat as this would help clean up the system. She added that majority of these people only wanted power to protect their dirty past and subdue anyone pursuing to unearth their misdeeds.

The MCA also noted that the same treatment should be extended to all those politicians who were being associated with violence.

“We have been witnessing our youth being used to cause chaos by those eying seats in next year’s polls. This is unacceptable and the government needs to hold these politicians into account lest we end up in a bloody 2017,” she said.

She reckoned that in every fiscal year, both the county and national governments allocated money for civil education, finances that would go a long way in equipping the youth in the fight against violence especially during the electioneering period.

She appealed to the youth to ensure that next year’s elections were conducted in a peaceful environment, asking them to engage the politicians in demanding from them, a youth agenda and how they would uplift their way of life.

She admitted that things within the devolved Government of Kiambu were not up to the expectations of the residents and there was need to make some hard decisions come August 2017.

“I must admit that as a resident of Kiambu, things have not worked as we would have expected. Our representatives have not represented us well resulting to so many challenges in various fields. It is for this reason that I am presenting my candidature for Thika Township Ward so as to bring the change that the people of Thika and Kiambu have been yearning for,” said Flozie.

She pointed out that part of her agenda was to see that the road infrastructure in Thika was relooked, security for both the business community and the residents was improved and also fight for a conducive environment for business and entrepreneurship.

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