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Residents Traumatised As Neighbourhood Is Turned Into A Dumpsite For Dead Bodies.

Mary Nduku, a Nyumba Kumi elder, explaining of the kind of trauma the residents of Kalkata go through evryday due to the orgy scenes of dead bodies.
Residents of Kalkuta village in Juja Sub-County are now living in fear as their area has become a dumping site for dead bodies. They expressed their fears saying that they cannot go out freely due to the horror of coming across dead bodies which has left them traumatised.

This is after the body of the murdered Murang’a teacher was found dumped in a thicket within the coffee farm.

Joseph Mwangi a resident said that in the last few months, three bodies, including one of a primary school child, have been dumped in the area. He said that the area is so bushy which makes it conducive for the murderers to dump their victims.

“Unknown people have been dumping slaughtered chicken parts which produce a foul smell. So, whenever there is a decomposing body, people assume the foul smell to emanate from the garbage,” said Mwangi.
Mwangi added that the residents also fear going out at night due to a bloat of hippopotamus which lives in a nearby dam and moves freely at night.

“The other day one man was attacked and killed by these hippos. We never dare go out at night,” said Mwangi.    

Mary Nduku, a Nyumba Kumi elder said that someone called her to inform her of a body found dumped in a thicket.

“The body was covered with a sack full of chicken feathers on the face and we could only see the white shirt and the legs. It was discovered last Friday by young boys who were going to get fodder for the livestock.

These boys are now traumatised and withdrawn as the incident has greatly affected them,” she explained.
She added that between Monday and Tuesday their dog barked a lot but they did not take it seriously and they suspect that is when the body was dumped there.

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