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Co-operate With Data Collectors To Assist Government In Planning, Thika DCC Urges Residents.

Thika West DCC Tom Anjere addressing Kiandutu residents during the Africa Statistics Day.
Thika West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Tom Anjere has appealed to Thika residents to report all incidents which occur in their area as the government needs such data in its planning.

While addressing Kiandutu residents during this year’s Africa Statistics Day celebrations, Anjere noted that many incidents went unreported, thereby complicating the government’s planning.

“So many incidents of crime go unreported yet the people keep complaining that the government is not adequately handling crime. How can we fight a problem that we know not about? The government needs these statistics so that they determine the crime rate in a certain region for follow up such as opening a police post or taking the necessary steps to beef up security. We need reports of even the women who give birth on their way to hospital and those who give birth at home. Such information forms the basis of lobbying to have hospital built there,” said Anjere.

Anjere lamented that only 43 people had so far been registered in Kiandutu slum since the exercise begun early this week, warning that they would arrest anyone above the age of 18 years and did not have an identity cards since it was an indicator that they were hiding and continue committing crime.

“We need everyone to register and get the National Identity Cards (IDs). We have simplified the process through the mobile registration stations. However, the number of people turning up for the exercise is very low,” he said.

Kiambu County Director of Statistics Susan Kaguma complained that their officers received hostile reception in some places whenever they went round to collect essential data.

“When you see our officials please give them information which will be used by the government to plan for your needs,” said Kaguma insisting that their officers are dressed in branded shirts to easily identify them.   

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