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Woman Arraigned In Court For The Murder Of Husband Over Sh. 100.

An employee of Gatundu Water and Sanitation Company in Kiambu County on Wednesday told a hushed Gatundu court how he thrice called his colleague only to realise that he was already dead. 

While adducing evidence in a case where Sabina Njeri Wamburu is accused of killing her husband Simon Muiruri, Reuben Wanyoike told Gatundu Senior Magistrate Esther Nyongesa that on the evening of 10th December 2015, he and Muiruri agreed to meet the following morning at 8.00 am to attend to duties allocated to them by their senior but Muiruri later suggested they meet at 9.00 am.

Wanyoike told the court that at around 10 minutes past 9 the following day, he called Muiruri 3 times but the call went unanswered. He said since this was unusual, he decided to go to Muiruri's house and find out why he was not responding to his call. He said on arrival at the home stead he found the company motorcycle which they both used to attend to their duties parked outside the deceased house. 

The witness said he picked the motorcycle and tools of trade and proceeded to work. Wanyoike recalled that while at work, he received a call from Muiruri’s wife Sabina Njeri Wamburu who requested him (Wanyoike) to urgently visit her home as "something" had happened. He said on insisting to be told what had gone amiss, the accused (Sabina) told him that her husband (Deceased) had fallen sick. 

On sensing peril, the witness told the court that he called another colleague Henry Kahiro and they both  went to Muiruri’s house but did not meet the accused who they later saw loitering  the compound. The accused allegedly told them they had an argument with her husband and she had cut him on the leg. When the two later went into the house they found the deceased lying in a pool of blood and on checking they made the conclusion that he was dead.

Wanyoike said he immediately called his senior who told him not to leave the scene until the police arrived. Meanwhile, a large crowd started milling at the scene as word went around that the deceased had been murdered by his wife. Police officers from Gatundu who were summoned by a village elder arrived at the scene and removed the body to General Kago Funeral Home and Anatomy Lab at Thika Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County. Later that day, the court heard that the accused was arrested and taken to Kanjeria Police Station before being transferred to Gatundu Directorate of Criminal Investigations where the offense of murder was preferred against her.

Earlier the couple’s nine year old daughter Stacy Wanjiku told the court of how her parents argued over Ksh 100 which he deceased accused his wife of pick pocketing from his pair of trousers the night before as he came home inebriated. Stacy told the magistrate that after a heated argument, her mother took a panga and cut his father on the right leg which made him bleed profusely to death.

The accused is charged that on 11th December 2015, at Kairi village Gatundu North Kiambu County he unlawfully killed Simon Muiruri. The hearing will continue on 6th December 2016. The accused is out on a bond of Ksh 500,000 and surety of the same amount. The prosecution is led by Prosecution Counsel Kerongo Matwa.

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