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Stop This Ethnical Nonsense And Waste Of Public Resources, Kaguthi Rubbishes NCIC.

The chairman ‘Nyumba Kumi’ Initiative Mr. Francis Kaguthi has rubbished the recently released survey by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) on ethnic representation in employment in constitutional commissions, the state corporations and the county governments terming it nonsensical and a waste of public resources. Kaguthi equated the discussion as ethnic stereotyping and profiling that was likely to take this country to the dogs.

“What does ethnicity have to do with achieving the Kenyan dream? Those who seek to ethnicise every problem that is facing this country are taking us backwards and creating tensions between the different tribes. Where communities are divided along ethnic lines, there is of course a tendency of those who feel that they have been left out to get angry with those who that are perceived to be the beneficiaries. Likewise, the jobless youth from the tribes that are said to be the biggest beneficiaries will also fear being discriminated against in the job search due to their origin,” said Kaguthi.

Kaguthi pointed out that top cadre leaders were responsible for fueling ethnic hatred in the country through what they were inseminating to the common mwananchi down.

He called on every Kenyan of goodwill to treat such leaders with the contempt they deserved. Kaguthi failed to comprehend why Kenya was moving to a reverse direction as the world were uniting into commercial blocks such as the EAC, COMESA and the African Union.

“Why should anyone use Wanjiku’s money to divide Kenyans on the basis of their tribes? America initially was faced with a similar challenge but when they realised how profiling people on the basis of their race was taking them backwards, they resulted to ‘merit based’ evaluation to any opportunities that there were at their disposal. That is why they have developed into the powerhouse we know of today. If a newborn Kikuyu child is raised by Turkana parents to that age of 20 or 30, won’t the child not be a Turkana? Why then are our leaders creating boundaries between us and worse still, using our taxes to fuel hatred?” he asked.

He said that the current ethnic problem facing the country had its roots connected to colonialism where the British played a divide and rule card and brought about the ‘Kikuyu Bashing’.

“Now see… Every community wants a piece of the Kikuyu. It was the same problem that befell our Somali brothers when they were previously perceived as ‘Shiftas’ or the Muslims were all branded ‘Al Shabaab even though they suffered the most in the hands of the terrorists. We must work hand in hand to enlighten our people instead of polarising the nation on stupid and childish ethnic ideologies.”

A report by released on Monday by the NCIC indicated that tribalism, nepotism and corruption continued to be experienced in public recruitment in national institutions despite existing legal provisions. The Ethnic and Diversity Audit Reports of Public Institutions showed that larger communities are overly presented compared to the smaller ones.

NCIC Chairperson Francis ole Kaparo noted that recruitment in counties continues to contravene the law with only 15 counties having given more than 30% of vacancies to members of ethnic groups not dominant there. Kaparo stated that the survey shows that employment in County Public Service Boards is not only inequitable but skewed towards the dominant groups in the county. It also showed that 93% comply with the National Cohesion and Integration (NCI) Act, 2008 having employed less than 33.3% of their staff from one ethnic group. 

Kaguthi was speaking to the press at The Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) in Thika where about 150 chiefs from 15 counties were being taken through a three-day sensitisation workshop on the use of technology in fighting crime.

The chiefs were asked to embrace the use of all the ICT platforms in their interaction with the people as this helped to link the gap between them and the authorities and also guaranteed appropriate response in real time.

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