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Thika School Benefits From Sh. 500,000 Worth of Equipment.

Martin Leshan unveils a commemorative plaque at Caritas Mariana School after the company donated laboratory equipment valued at Sh 550,000 to the school.

Bayer East Africa, a global innovation enterprise organisation, has donated laboratory equipment valued at Sh. 550,000 to Caritas Mariana School in Thika.

Through their ‘Kitabu na Mbao’ initiative that loosely translates to a book for Sh. 20 (mbao), the group members focus on saving Sh. 20 each day to help buy reading material for needy students.

“Bayer is very passionate about volunteering work that is empowering, innovative, and most importantly, has an impact to the community. We are an innovation company and science is in our DNA. Our mission being science for a better life,” said the company’s Head of Communications, Anthony Mwangi.

According to Martin Leshan, an employee at Bayer East Africa, their mission especially in Caritas Mariana is to empower students pursuing their O’ levels by providing a conducive learning environment for laboratory science subjects.

“Our vision is transforming and empowering the society and we are doing it one child at a time. This time round we decided on a lab project that will help students in their laboratory science studies,” said Leshan.

He added that their choice of Caritas Mariana School was based on the fact that the institution assisted a lot of less fortunate children so that it could act as a pillar to all students who were hungry for education.

Every year, through a program called Bayer Voluntary Programme, the company supports employees on their own personal CSR initiative.

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