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Police Arrest A Man Masquerading As A KPLC Staff.

Police on Monday arrested a man accused of impersonating a Kenya Power and Lightning Company (KPLC) official.

35 year old Jacob Abade Anywaya was arrested on Monday in Githurai area and recovered a cache of the company's equipment and fake staff ID from the suspect.

Speaking after the arrest, North Eastern Region Chief Security officer George Mbugua said that the company had been trailing the suspect since July this year following complaints from residents of Kahawa Wendani, Githurai 45, Eastern By-Pass and Ruiru areas. He added that Anywaya was part of a cartel who have been masquerading as the company's employees to defraud Kiambu residents and the energy firm has had numerous claims of defrauded electricity connectivity and repair fee by persons alleging to be KPLC officials.

“This man was reported to us in July and we have been tracking him since then but he managed to be evade all this time until today when we managed to arrest him,” Mbugua said.

Kiambu County is listed under the company's North Eastern bloc whose losses have soared to over Sh. 45 million over the past three months due to conductors and transformers vandalism. He added that they had 72 similar cases in court with one suspect already serving a two-and-a-half year jail term for vandalizing KPLC equipment.

Mbugua pointed out that the police were investigating to ascertain if the suspect was colluding with some of their officers.

He warned residents to always confirm the authenticity of any staff visiting their premises to address their electricity issues by sending the number on their staff badges to 95551.

“If the details in the replied text do not match the ones on the staff badge, we recommend that the client report the issue to the police immediately or call our security desks,” Mbugua warned.

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