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Driver Admitted In Hospital After Police Rupture His Testicles.

One lorry driver is admitted at the Thika Level 5 hospital after an administration police officer attached to Gatuanyaga AP Camp in Thika hit him on his private parts using the butt of his gun.

Julius Mungai, a 28 year old father of two, alleges that he met his predicaments after he went to report at the AP post that his lorry had been detained at a nearby garage after he failed to pay sh. 600 for a puncture repair.

“The policeman got furious with me when sh. 30,000 accidentally fell from my pocket as I was removing a handkerchief. He asked me I couldn’t use the same to pay for the repair but I explained to him that since we were always under firm instructions from our boss never to use money meant for business for whatever reason. This infuriated the policemen who told me stop taking them like little kids,” said Mungai while writhing in pain from his hospital bed.

He also accused the garage owner of earlier on hitting him on the head using a spade where he also sustained a deep cut.

He added that his efforts to argue his reasons ran on deaf ears as one of the officers hit him on the groin sending him to the ground. Fortunately enough, he gathered the strength to pick himself up and run away from the police wrath.

Mungai claims to have later been overwhelmed by some groin pains to a point that he was unable to walk. On closer observation, he noticed that his testicles had swelled and were bleeding, something that made him visit a health facility for medical examination.

He reported the matter at 14 Falls police post in Kilimambogo which was recorded under OB No 05/28/09/16.

Ruth Njoroge, the nursing officer in-charge of the ward explained that Mungai was out of danger and would be discharged in a few days. She added that he had undergone some reconstructive surgery to treat the injuries.

“The surgery has helped in treating some blood vessels which had rapture as a result of the assault. There were no major injuries on the testis. The patient is progressing on well to treatment and will be discharged soon," said Ms. Njoroge.

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