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Angry Residents Chide County Official For Failing To Address Their Concerns During Mashujaa Celebrations.

Thika Sub-County Administrator Rose Muthoni Kimani presenting a gift hamper to a former freedom fighter at the Thika stadium.
A section of Thika resident on Thursday left Thika Sub-County Stadium a dejected lot after an official of the County Government of Kiambu either gave vague and unsatisfactory responses to their concerns or entirely evaded to respond to the queries raised or during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations. They claimed that it was wrong for a senior county official to leave the public with an impression that the devolved government was indifferent to their concerns even after raising them in a very public manner.

“We are disappointed with the non-committal responses we got from the county officer. As the representative of the governor, she ought to have offered more comprehensive and direct answers to the questions we raised. We wanted to hear her talk of how they would tackle some of these problems. In fact some of the concerns have been on their desks since they assumed office and there is no way one can convince me that they do not have a direct answer to them,” retorted one angry resident.

The residents were complaining about the failure of the Thika Sub-County Administrator Rose Muthoni Kimani to satisfactorily respond to the basic infrastructure service needs and security concerns that were currently affecting them.

The community leaders had raised concerns about the current water shortage in the town, street lighting problem in Kamenu Ward, road signs and bumps to prevent uncalled for accidents, the slow implementation of the county projects and the controversial 30% affirmative government procurement initiative, among others.

On behalf of the business community and the residents of Thika Town, the chairman Thika District Business Association (TDBA) Mr. Alfred Wanyoike raised concern on the water shortage that has hit the town for the past one month without any hope of things normalising. He also questioned why there were no road signs or proper naming on the town’s streets, a matter that was risking the lives of the residents especially the pedestrians using these facilities. He also wanted to know what the county government was doing to address the street children and commercial sex workers’ menace that has been a pain in the neck for quite a long time now.

Gladys Chania Mwangi and Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi added the problem of drug abuse and trafficking within the CBD and the neighbouring estates which they said was now becoming a security risk.

A resident of Hospital Ward raised concern over the numerous accidents around the ‘Bible Fellowship’ area and requested that the county government erect some bumps to help slow down the vehicles plying the busy Kenyatta Highway. She also complained that the devolved government was giving a wide berth to the youth and women when it came to acquisition of tenders to supply them with goods and services.

Nyumba Kumi Chairperson Mr. Kiarii, wanted to know what the county government was doing to address the issue of the failed street lighting along the B.A.T.-Kiganjo road that was now a security concern.
There was also concern of the delays in the implementation of county projects especially the link roads meant to ease traffic within the town.

In response to the water problem, the sub-county Admin said that the county did not give any explanation to the reason why the town was experiencing water shortages but instead said that the problem was being looked into. On the roads signs and bumps, street lighting, the issues of county government tenders and the implementation of county government projects, Mrs. Kimani said that she would ensure that these concerns reached the ‘relevant departments’.

Madame Rose also said that the county government had done a survey on the drug abuse and street kids and commercial sex workers and “We will give you the feedback later and the measures that we shall take.” Quote and quote.

However, she took the opportunity to articulate what the county government had achieved over the last four years and their plans for the future of the residents of Kiambu County.

She said that before the end of the year, the Lands and Physical Planning Department will meet the people of Thika to deliberate on the issues that concerned land allocation, building plans and housing.

“The NLC chairman Muhammad Swazuri will also lead a high level team to Thika between the 28th October and 2nd November this year to help address some issues and dispute on land allocation pitting a number of residents and the County Government of Kiambu,” said the county official.

She added that by December this year, the county government will be in better position to give a detailed information on the implementation of the Chania Bridge and Haile Selassie Road exit near Blue Post Hotel.

“Thika business community have agreed on a 50-50 partnership with the county government to complete this project with each contributing sh.40 million. I hope that on 12th December when we converge here again for the Jamuhuri Celebrations, I will have a detailed report to present on its implementation programme,” she said.

Finally, she requested alcohol and liquor traders that applications for next year’s licences were on going since the 17th October and will run until the end of the month. She cautioned them to be aware of conmen and brokers who were going round demanding sh. 10,000 for the licence adding that the forms were ready for collection in her office for only sh. 1,000.

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