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MP Warns Electorate Against Being Duped To Buy Del Monte Land By ‘Conman Aspirant’.

The residents of Kandara and the Central Kenya Region have been warned to be wary of a scheme to reap off their hard earned money in the guise of buying Del Monte Kenya Land once their lease expires in 2022.

Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome warned that a certain politician who is eying the Kandara seat in 2017 has been going round the county collecting sh. 1,000 as registration fee to buy shares in a company that is purporting to be in a position to help them acquire this land immediately this company closes shop.

“Recently, one of the Kandara seat aspirants (for 2017) is in record even on national television saying that he is leading a team of ‘investors’ working out a programme that will revert Del Monte land into the hands of the locals. He has been going round collecting sh. 1,000 from unsuspecting wananchi

According to the MP, the said politician is a perennial con who, prior to the 2013 General Election, went round Murang’a County collecting a whooping sh. 99 million from over 5,000  groups belonging to the aged women and youth in the pretense that he would multiply their money and give them hefty grants. The MP alleged that no one benefitted from the programme nor said money refunded to the contributors.

“As the MP for Kandara, I am reminding PMG Kamau, Kagundu-ini Ward MCA and a former Muruka councillor, that a thief has only forty days. As for the people of Kandara and Murang’a County, to fore-warned is to be forearmed. Del Monte land is a private entity under leasehold and when this lease will expire, due process of the law will be followed to avail any part of that land for public use and not for private acquisition,” said Alice.

She connected other land scandals in the former Rift Valley Province to the same aspirant where members of the public lost a substantial amount of money.

The legislator also called on the Inspector General of Police (IG) to investigate an incident where four Kandara 2017 aspirants hired goons who attacked and terrorised residents of Muruka and other parts of the constituency who they perceived to be of opposing candidates. She reckoned that Jubilee Party (JP) would not entertain violence amongst its strongholds as this would jeopardise JP’s chances of recapturing the leadership of this nation.

She reminded them that the constituency had only one official JP office, the former TNA office.

“We in Kandara have just only one JP office which is the former TNA office. I will come to launch Jubilee Party in Kandara when the national governing council of the party will officially kick off the exercise. Otherwise, what we witnessed the other day here was a case of false assumption of office that is null and void. How can four men hire goons to fight just one woman? These people should be arraigned in court as we can never allow violence to take root in Kandara,” she said.

The MP said this as she addressed beneficiaries of the CDF 2015-16 bursary allocation in Kandara Town where who benefitted from over sh. 2.8 million. She said that the 2016-17 kitty had not yet been released and she planned to disburse it in January 2017.

She appealed to the school principals to be lenient with these students as they had difficulties in the procurement of these money. Otherwise, she requested the parents not to abscond their primary responsibility of paying school fees as the government could only handle a small fraction of the same.

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