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I Am Defending My Seat, Vying For Kiambu Senator Is Out Of question. – MK.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (MK) has dismissed rumours going round that he will vie for the Kiambu Senatorial seat come 2017.

Speaking at Kahugui-ini Secondary School in his constituency, Kuria said that so many people kept calling him asking him to vie for the seat but he always responded by saying that he still had an unfinished job for the constituents of Gatundu South.

“There is no need to do some shoddy work in whatever mission one is in. I have a lot in store for the people in this constituency. I still have a mission to ensure that everyone here has money in their pockets. I have a mission to ensure that all our youth get jobs after school. That is why I am so devoted in developing this constituency in every sector of our economy. Those who think that the senatorial seat is so ideal, let them vie for it and they will definitely get my blessings,” said Kuria.

He argued that those who were propagating that line of thinking were actually salivating for the Gatundu seat and were sure that they won’t achieve this with ‘MK’ in the race.

“There are some people salivating for my seat and they are behind this rumour. Some people are trying to run Gatundu through remote control and calling on him to run for the Senate. They are going round saying that MK has been a pain in their back and sending emissaries here to divert the people’s attention. Just tell them that if I can vie for the senatorial or gubernatorial seats if want to. But I have a lot of work waiting to be accomplished in this land of Jomo,” he said.

Equating himself with the Biblical Nehemiah, MK said that he was rather busy building a wall to secure Gatundu South and those going to the people of Gatundu with empty promises could only be compared to Nehemiah’s enemies Sanballat and Tobiah, who plotted to attack Jerusalem and create confusion when Nehemiah was rebuilding a wall to secure the city.  He therefore advised his people to listen to them but make the right decision during the polls.

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