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Family Appeals For Divine Intervention After Two Of Their Daughters Are Possessed By ‘Demons’.

A family in Kagaa Village, Kabati Division of Murang’a County are appealing for spiritual assistance from ‘deliverance ministers of God’ to cast away what is perceived as demonic attack of their offspring.

Two of Mzee Samson Mburu’s daughters have been suffering from what is believed to be a witchcraft spell since the month of April this year, something that has led to so many sleepless nights for the family.

At the time our team arrived at the homestead, we encountered a number of their neighbours and well-wishers in a communal prayer session asking God for divine intervention. Even before the session was over, we witnessed firsthand, the kind of suffering these two souls go through every day.

They developed some hysterical and peculiar uncontrolled body movements and jerking motions that caused them to lose themselves into a world only known to themselves. They jumped, threw themselves to the ground and even puffed like a snake. All through this ordeal, their eyes seemed so static as though they were in a world of their own. It is only through the assistance of those who were in the house that they never hurt themselves, though this was just a hell of an experience.

This berserk behaviour, that took more than 15 minutes, looked to us, very reflex and not stage-managed.

According to Grace Wanjiru, one of the two victims of this attacks, she has been suffering from frequent unexplained ailments for the last four months now. It all started by a simple nose bleeding and slight headaches but even after the doctors examined her, they detected no cause of this problem.

Wanjiru, a widow and a mother of five, says that she has been experiencing severe stomachaches that at times felt as though there was some objects moving from within.

“Whenever I collapse, my limbs tremble so much and get that feeling as though my head has been detached from the rest of the body. I also get some funny feelings of some ‘spirits’ invading my systems. They take me to some cemetery but whenever I pray they bring me back to my real self even though this is usually after a severe battle with them,” says Wanjiku.

She claims that after these attacks, she has never been able to fed for her kids and has to depend on her aging parents who are jobless. Her husband died some years back and left the responsibility of taking care of the children upon her shoulder, a duty she is no longer capable of due to her ailment.

Her children attend to school just by the grace of neighbours and her teachers who sympathise with their plight.

Her youngest sister (13) suffer the same ailment and at the time of this interview, was not even able to talk after just come back from the attack.

Malka Syombua Mburu, the mother to the two, suspects foul play in all this as she retracts its origin to their former place of residence in Kagaa Settlement Scheme in Kenol Sub-County, Muranga. She says that she had had so many complications even when giving birth to most of her children.

“I have been falling sick so often especially when we resided in Kagaa, Kenol. When it became unbearable, 
I prayed to God to get us away from that place. That is why you see us living in this incomplete house for I could not wait to stay there any further,” said Syombua.

She claims that in the previous home, she would get the vision of a very big snake that would come and stay vigil in our homestead. She would always get visions of unexplained dangers that were about to hit the family.

After leaving that area to settle in Kabati, her children started developing some epileptic kind of ailments which, even after visiting various hospitals and administering several x-rays, the doctors never diagonised their real problems.

It has now been four long painful months of suffering. They have not been able to move away from the homestead, a fact that has led to them being totally dependent of neighbours.

They are now appealing to well-wishers to come to the aid of their grandchildren who are now living without the care of their mother. They are also appealing to those people who possess the gift of spiritual healing to come and pray for divine intervention as so many false prophets have been visiting the home with no tangible results other that demanding money from this poor family.

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