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Kabogo Commissions a 6 Million Water Project To Ease Water Shortages.

Kiambu County government has commissioned a sh. 6 million water project to serve 300,000 Githurai residents with clean drinking water. The project, which is situated at Kizito area of Mwihoko Ward, will serve Githurai, Kahawa Sukari, Kahawa Wendani and Mwihoko areas.

While commissioning the project, Governor William Kabogo said that Githurai locals had suffered with acute shortage of clean water for domestic use for a long time adding that the few boreholes that existed produced salty water.

Kabogo said that this project was part of his government’s plans to address water shortage in the semi-arid areas which included parts of Ruiru, Juja, Thika and Lari, the county government through the Kiambu Biashara Fund has been distributing water tanks to residents to help them harvest and store rainwater as plans to drill water in the areas take course.

“This project is part of my 2012 campaign promises to the people of Githurai. This is the first project in this area and two others are on the way,” Kabogo said.

He added that the county government will assist locals install pipes to their homes to ease distribution and ensure that more residents access the essential commodity. Kabogo said that so far most households in the entire Kiambu County have access to clean drinking water.

“90% of Kiambu residents are enjoying access to clean drinking water and this is an increase from the previous 45 percent before devolution. The remaining ten percent are residents from the semi-arid areas within the county and we are working round the clock to ensure that they too get the essential services,” Kabogo said.

The County water and Natural Resources Executive Dr. Esther Njuguna said that part of the water challenges for Githurai region had been brought about by the fact that it was previously under the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NAWASCO). However, this borehole in Mwihoko will solve part of this challenge as it has the capacity to supply 30 cubic centimeters of water per hour.

She added that the Kiambu County Government has been holding meetings with NAWASCO, Athi Water Services Board and Ruiru-Juja Water and Sewerage Company (RUJWASCO) so as to enable it to assume the duty to provide Githurai residents with water reversed to the county government through RUJWASCO.

“Soon we will have the go ahead to serve Githurai residents with water and sewerage services and we will be able to drill more boreholes in the region to ensure that every household has enough water for domestic use,” Njuguna said.

The C.E.C. added that the current sewerage crisis facing residents in Githurai, Mwihoko and Kahawa Sukari will soon be a thing of the past once the multi-billion World Bank funded sewerage project in Ruiru was completed.

“The sewerage project is on the blink of completion and we expect it to be commissioned soon. It will serve Ruiru sub-county residents,” she said.

Resident Miriam Wairimu said that they had previously been forced to walk for long distances in search of water adding that water shortage exposed locals to health risks.

“This is a major development especially to us who have undergone the torment of living without clean drinking water. We hope that more similar projects will be rolled out in the entire region to ensure that every resident gets enough water,” she said.

Githurai has been listed alongside parts of Lari, Ruiru and Juja as the driest parts in Kiambu County with an acute shortage of water.

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