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Legislators Support Commissioners’ Resignation, Dispute Extension Of Elections Calendar.

Two Jubilee legislators have supported the resignation of the Isaac Hassan led Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) saying that it bore no negative impact on the sides win in the 2017 General Elections.

Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome and her Nyandarua counterpart Wanjiku Muhia stressed that next year’s polls will be a landslide victory for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

“I sincerely thank the IEBC Commissioners for their bold move to resign, not because they were at fault but just because of an ill-advised mirage by a person who thinks that he will ascend to the presidency if they vacated office. It is so unfortunate that a candidate will blame the teacher for their failure in exams yet the failure is a result of inadequately preparing himself for the exams. Whether the commissioners vacate office or not, the results will still be the same. He will dismally lose to the Jubilee candidate,” said Wahome.

Speaking at Riandegwa Primary School during the commissioning of CDF projects for schools across her constituency by the Director of Basic Education Haba S. Abdi, Wahome said that all these noises by CORD leader Raila Odinga was targeted for a 2017 coalition government after he failed to ascend to the presidency. 

This, she added, was an exercise in futility as Jubilee Party won’t allow that to happen.

Her colleague, Wanjiku Muhia, supported these sentiments by saying it was CORD’s plot not to concede defeat if the Isaac team were still in office by alleging that they (IEBC) had helped Jubilee to rig the elections.

“Raila is just using IEBC as a scapegoat to claim a plot to rig him out. He doesn’t want to concede defeat in 2017. The resignation of the commissioners has now caught him flat-footed and he has to go back to the drawing board. Otherwise, I just wish to advise him to pack his belongings and go because his scheme has failed to materialise,” said Muhia.

She, on behalf of Kenyans, apologised to the Hassan team for the kind of mistreatment and humiliation they had gone through even after going out of their way to ensure that we had a very successful 2013 General Elections and the By-elections that followed.

Muhia added that she never anticipated for late elections (later that August 8, 2017) as a result of the move by the commissioners to resign en masse saying that the scenario was unwarranted since the secretariat was intact.

“The commissioners are just like ‘father figures or the front office attendants’ as the real task is usually undertaken by the secretariat who have not been affected by the move. The new set of commissioners will have no problem because for the last four years, the commission has been able to lay out strong structures to execute their duties,” she said.

She however disagreed with CORD’s suggestion to have political parties choose their representatives in the IEBC saying that it was both unconstitutional and beat logic for free and fair elections.

On the proposed Jubilee Party, the two legislators said that all affiliate parties had folded up and were now in one outfit. Wahome equated those opposed to the merger to CORD party whom she described as empty debes who were known for causing confusion among the wananchi.

The MP and her guests from the Ministry of Education traversed the whole constituency, commissioning projects under her ‘Mwamko Mpya Initiative’. This saw them visit seven schools namely; Githumu Secondary School, Gacharage, Gathage, Wangai, Riandegwa and Karumu Primary Schools before summing it up at Ruchu Girls High School.

Under this initiative, Wahome intends to give all the schools in her constituency some complete facelift with a view to improve and create a conducive learning environment to the learners.

“One of my pledges when I came to the people of Kandara in 2013 was to improve on the education standards of our children. I intend and endeavour to fulfill that promise. I want to leave a legacy of prosperity in the education sector and things are now starting to take shape,” said Wahome.

She said that they had budgeted to facelift all the 77 primary schools in Kandara Constituency which in total had an enrolment of about 33,000 pupils. She was happy to note that her efforts had started bearing fruits as the constituency moved from position 8 in the county to position 2 due to the co-operation accorded to them by all the stakeholders.

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