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Governors Embezzling Public Money Put On Notice.

Governors and top county chiefs have been put on notice that their wealth will be investigated to establish if they are living within their means.

Murang’a Senator Amb. Kembi Gitura warned governors who have embezzled public money to enrich themselves that their days were numbered as it will soon dawn on them when lightning strikes.

Speaking at ACK Riandegwa Church, Kembi said that it was very unfortunate that so much money was being channeled to county governments yet nothing tangible was visible on the ground to justify such spending. He said that unlike the case of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) whose projects were transforming the lives of the common man, county government allocations were being squandered, benefiting only very few people in power.

“When I ask questions about how money is being spent in the county government, some people accuse me of meddling with the affairs of the county. I will keep asking those questions till I get the right answers or till I die for that is the work of a senator. As a senator my work is to allocate money to the counties and follow up to see that it is spent prudently,” said Kembi.

He added that devolution was designed to positively transform the local mwananchi’s lives and not to make them poorer through embezzlement of funds.

“Money in the counties is being spent badly. We cannot keep talking about corruption when people continue to enrich themselves at the expense of Wanjiku. We should never glorify corruption. My work as a parent (Senator) is to protect your money. That is what you are going to judge my performance with. But, believe you me, public money must be returned, whether today, tomorrow, whether while one is still in office or when they leave office, it shall be returned,” warned Kembi.

Exactly one year to the next General Election, Kembi pointed out that time was right to do a lifestyle audit on all those in office as some leaders who were previously living a humble lifestyle, now lived lavishly as counties were getting poorer by the day.

“We shall administer some lifestyle audit on all our leaders. We all know each other. We know the people who were elected to office with only one shirt or one car. We can tell its number plate of head. These people must explain how they obtained all that money overnight. Everyone know that none of them owns a petroleum well or a goldmine to justify the sudden wealth.”

Kembi accused this same people as being responsible for the wave of violence and heckling that were being witnessed in political gatherings. He alleged that these politicians were recruiting youth from poor families to attend meetings with the intention of shouting down those leaders who were questioning the misuse of public funds.

“These leaders are using the money they have stolen to hire goons and maintain political militia whose work is to shout down their adversaries and cause chaos in political meetings they perceived would question their accountability. I am appealing to the youth to stop allowing themselves to be misused by politicians to cover up their evil deeds,” he concluded.

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