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Man Stabbed To Death, Another Rushed To Hospital Over Nyama Fry In Thika.

A middle-aged man early Monday afternoon stabbed another man to death following an altercation over a nyama fry meal at the Thika Main Bus Station.

The deceased, whose identity is withheld till their next of kin are notified, was stabbed just next to the County government toilets when he attempted to stop the culprit as he was running away from the butcher who was pursuing him for an unpaid bill of meat.

According to eyewitnesses, the culprit, who is known to some of the traders there, went to a ready-meat butchery and ordered for some meat. After the meal, the suspect refused to clear his bill and an argument between him and the butchered ensued.

Suddenly, the culprit grabbed a knife and stabbed the butcher on the hand. He then dashed out of the food place, while wielding the knife. The victim raised some alarm and those who were near the scene attempted to round the suspect.

On realising that it might get worse, he attacked one of the men and slit open his. The fatal attack prompted passengers and those attempting to catch him to flee while screaming in horror, giving the suspect the chance to escape.

It is alleged that he might have later escaped from the scene via a bodaboda.

The victim fell on the ground and bled profusely to his death. The scene of the crime was a horrible site as blood spilled all over the road towards the nearby kiosks.

The incident attracted a huge crowd who were both shocked and angry over that silly act.

Business in the busy bus station was paralysed for more an hour as the members of public came to get wind of what had actually transpired.

Police reported to the scene shortly and took the body.

The body of the deceased is lying at General Kago Funeral Home as the injured trader was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital for treatment.

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