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Students Arraigned In A Thika Court For Being Drunk And In Possession Of Chang'aa.

Seven students were yesterday arraigned in a Thika court for being in possession of chang'aa over the weekend.

Before chief Magistrate Theresa Murigi, the seven denied all charges of being drunk and disorderly and being in possession of chang’aa on the 24th July of this month

The seven were arrested by Thika police on Saturday morning near Witeithie Estate when the bus they were travelling in was impounded and were found in possession of the traditional brew and other beverages.

Ms Murigi ordered that the students be freed after their parents sign a personal bond of Sh 1,000 for each one of them.

One parent told the court that his child had been brought up in a Christian family and thus not in any way guilty of the charges.

"I have brought up all my children in a Christian manner, the police must have arrested the wrong student," said the parent who further alleged that the police left out the teachers who had accompanied the students in the bus.

He questioned the manner in which the police found the seven culpable of the offence while leaving a whole lot that was also in the bus that had carried excess passengers.

"Why did the police not arraign in court the teachers who were arrested together with our children in the Saturday trip," asked the bitter parent.

However, a police officer who did not want to be identified said they only arrested the students who were too drunk and that their teachers had been arraigned in court alongside another group of persons who were facing similar charges.

The group whose charges were read out as one pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and were sentenced to one day labour within the court compound.

The students heading to Ol Ndonyo Sabuk for a school trip when the police impounded the Githurai-Bound bus after noticing some indecent behaviour going on in the bus.

The case will be heard on August 1, this year.

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