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Invest In The empowerment, Education Of Youth, Jua Kali For Greater Future, - JF C.E.O.

Jungle Foundation (JF) C.E.O. Patrick Wainaina has pointed out that the economic growth of this country will be fully achieved if only everyone invested in the empowerment, education and employment of the young people and the informal sector. He said that our country currently suffered a massive waste of human capital because of the millions of young people who were not in any form of production.

“Unemployment in this country is soaring and the economy is tanking, but if private entrepreneurs and the government pulled together to give a dose of entrepreneurial flair, young people can forge their futures. By increasing their economic productivity, improving their livelihoods through sustainable income generating activities and by providing entrepreneurship development and capacity building activities to the youth, women and the Jua Kali sector, we can definitely achieve our Vision 2030 goals within our time limits,” said Wainaina when he engaged Thika Jua Kali Sector representatives in an economic empowerment and transforming lives session.

Wainaina advocated for a ‘Buy Kenya Build Kenya’ concept as a great initiative that would help create jobs for the youth and Kenyans in general.

“It is meaningless for Kenyans to import some of the basic items made locally. For instance, why should we buy a wheelbarrow imported from China from our supermarkets and other outlets will we have better and more durable ones from our Jua Kali artisans?” he posed.

He said that by purchasing locally made products, we were transforming someone's life and empower them economically. He said that locally-made products were affordable, easily available and helped to create jobs for other people. He added that it was also imperative for our local manufacturers, especially those in the informal sector to improve quality and packaging of their products so as to attract local clientele.

He said that one of the Pillars of The Jungle Foundation aimed to socially and economically empower the people in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, confidence building and empowering skills necessary to improve their access to productive resources and sustainable earning potential. He said that they systematically targeted to link and integrate these people with other complementary interventions such as access to markets, appropriate technology, micro-finance, entrepreneurship development and follow up technical assistance and advisory services.

Wainaina noted that one of the biggest challenges that Kenya was facing was to institutionalise youth engagement and build the capacities of its young generation in order to sustain their effective participation in their country's future. Hence, a holistic approach to empowering them was needed more than ever before.

He pointed out that JF had adopted a comprehensive, market driven, gender responsive and community-based strategy that involved strategic partnerships with the authorities, local leaders, religious leaders and other relevant institutions to strengthen their capacity to assist the less fortunate in the society.

“Many of the young people have no prior work experience or qualifications but that doesn't negate their huge potential. It is about opening their eyes to the vast range of opportunities and helping them make informed decisions as they progress through their innovations and skills gained in the process. We all know that there are young people achieving incredible things. Our strategy is designed to bring together everybody so as to challenge and change negative perceptions about local entrepreneurship,” he said.

He added that by empowering the youth and the informal sector, the country would increase their economic productivity, improve their livelihoods and increase their capacity to survive the vagaries and effects of drug abuse and prostitution.

Earlier in the day, JF facilitated in an inter-denominational prayers at Kiganjo. This came after a surge in the cases of domestic violence, drug & substance abuse and insecurity being reported in the area.

This has been done prior to a 3-days prayer crusade at Corner 1 in Kiganjo.

“We met several spiritual counselors, Family therapy specialist who will be involved in the programme. The outcome was awesome and we met our objective,” said one of the organisers.

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