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Kahawa Murder Suspect Recuperating At Thika Level 5 Hospital, Looks Mentally Disturbed.

Maxwell, recuperating on his hospital bed in Thika Level 5 hospital
The man who stabbed to death a Kenyatta University graduate after breaking up with him in Kahawa Wendani on Monday is recuperating at Thika Level 5 Hospital and doctors say he is in a stable condition.

36-year-old ex-military officer Maxwell Ochieng stabbed the woman 10 times in the chest and neck before attempting to kill himself using the same knife.

It is alleged that an argument ensued after his 22-year-old lover broke the news to Ochieng that she wanted to terminate their relationship, orchestrating the spat and the fatal attack that followed in a rented room in a residential building near Nakumatt Supermarket.

The lady, Ms Edinsa Nyainda, was a Public Health Kenyatta University graduate

Maxwell Ochieng has been admitted since Monday evening with deep cuts in his stomach.

“He had sustained deep cuts in his stomach from the stabbing but he has since been operated and is recovering well. He shall be discharged after a few days, at the moment, his wound is not bleeding. He is not in a position to walk,” said Irene Gachanja, a nurse at the hospital.

Ochieng is however said to be experiencing much pain from his stomach to an extent that he cannot sit down. He has been lying in the hospital's male surgical ward seemingly lost in deep thoughts while under heavy security.
Ms Edinsa during her happy days

Ochieng 's family, seemingly distraught at the situation has been paying him visits at the hospital refused to address the media saying they are yet to get a brief on their brother's condition.

The police say that they are investigating allegations that Ochieng was an ex-military man.

“He used to frequent Kahawa Wendani police post, mainly because he was involved in the taxi business. We are however investigating allegations that he was an ex-officer," said an officer who did not want to be identified.

During the July 25th incident, police sources said that the investigators had found the girl’s body tied to her bed with ropes.

Ruiru Divisional Police Commander Isaac Thuranira and his team controlled a large crowd that wanted to lynch Ochieng.

The police with the aid of firefighters broke into the house after the killer threatened to harm anyone residents who were trying to get inside the house.

When the police finally managed to break into the house, Ochieng was writhing in pain on the floor after stabbing himself in the stomach three times. He was arrested after a gruesome three-hour operation.

The area police had to lobby tear-gas canisters to disperse an irate mob that was baying for the killer’s blood 
Watchman Evans Silange said he heard noises at about 3am. He said he called police after the attacker threatened him with a knife.

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