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Do Thika town residents Prefer Using High Roof Matatu's when travelling to the city?

Newly acquired Beaverline Manchester Travelllers Coach Nissan Caravan.

It is a cold July morning commuters mill around the Ngany'a stage in small groups, despite the fact the cold is biting hard and that the next vehicle to Nairobi is already occupied by few passengers,however it appears as if they would rather avoid boarding that particular vehicle not because the driver is incompetent but its because the vehicle is a bit old.

Thika residents who use the Ngany'a stage near Thika Arcade have found a new love and liking for the latest addition in the Manchester Sacco freight of ma3's, the high roof type of vans.
In what appears to be a rather peculiar habit by Thika residents who commute daily to Nairobi, they would rather wait a bit longer for the next matatu  (which happens to be the high roof ) than board the old rickety vehicles which have seen better days.

Speaking on condition of anonymity one commuter expressed their disappointment with the old Nissan matatu's saying, " I have being commuting daily to Nairobi for the last five or so years, and despite waking up early to catch a matatu,this old nissan matatu's have proven to be unreliable, imagine having to alight the vehicle and assist the driver to shove it since it has staled? The thing about these high roof vehicles, is that they are comfortable and ideal for beating the massive Thika Superhighway traffic jam.

A trip to Nairobi by Thika Town Today crew using the high roof matatu's to investigate this strange phenomena proved that indeed commuters would rather neglect the "old" nissan matatus and board the new ones, the new matatu's have a capacity of carrying 19 passengers, whilst the old matatu carry up to passengers.

The new matatus do not have adequate leg room, also only a few windows that can be opened, however the close to 20 fleet of matatu's are the preffered choice to most Thika commuters when compared to the old matatus.
High roof  nissan caravan.
It is only a matter of time when all matatu's plying the Thika-Nairobi highway from Thika town adopt ithe new model vehicles to suit into the demands of commuters.

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