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Meet Diana Njeri Kahaki a beautician and beauty therapist.

Diana Njeri Kahaki is a beautician and beauty therapist by profession who is based at Black and Gold Executive Kinyozi at the 2nd floor of Kigio Plaza. She has a firm believe in going for your dreams and living life.

1. Did you grow up in Thika?

No. I came to Thika town to study, I enrolled at one of the leading Mid Level Colleges,got a job here and made a decision to settle here.

 2. What do you like about Thika?

There so many hidden treasures in Thika start with the mighty 14 Falls all the way in Kilimambogo, come down and visit 14 Falls lodge where there is a huge space for fun activities such as swimming, team building, camping etc.The transport though not at its best is readily available one can easily maneuver from one point to the other because of the availability of nduthis',tuk tuk, 2TS sacco matatu, taxi's, good old fashioned boda boda blackies. Residing in Thika is also affordable I can confidently say that I am able to pay my rent without straining my wallet and finally the eateries around Thika are to die for they offer a variety of food stuffs. Oh and lastly (for real) friends am a very outspoken lady I have made a lot of friends in my stay in Thika for the last couple of years.

 3. What would you like to change about Thika?

Congestion during the night attributed to the increase of our brothers and sisters in the Hawking sector, although they sell there merchandise at an affordable price they are making it hard for Thikarians to move around town with the notorious place been outside Kassmat and Kristina Gardens,also the street families within the town I wish there was some project to remove them from town and resettle them to decent homes, some are disrespectful especially to ladies.
Police harassment is an area I would like to say change,I work till late in the night and any time I want to head home I have to avoid being harassed, sometimes you are bungled up into the land cruiser arrested for loitering, as important  as it is for law enforcers to keep us safe its only right for them to stop harassing innocent folks.

4. As a beautician how is it working in Thika? Is Thika open to what you do or what could be better?

Umh, yes the fact that Thika is a business hub I have seen a growing trend among business people who are keen on having their looks bettered, Its easier for them to pop in for a shave for instance before heading out to the office,come over for a massage after a long day at work.

5. If you had a friend coming in from outside Thika what three things would you say to sell them the idea that Thika is worth visiting.

Come to Thika its your one stop shop from the social amenities, lovely people in this town, and most of its a business environment.

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